Monday, April 22, 2013

Designers At Home!

It seems like a million years ago when I first heard that Ronda Rice Carman had written a book on all of our favorite designers and their homes that they actually live in on a day to day basis. I remember being so excited! Somehow in this cyber world we live in I had become "friends" with Ronda as well as Barry Dixon who is one of the featured designers.
 Along the way, I also wrote a blog post on Tammy Connor and received the kindest note from her! It made my day when I opened that letter! You can see that post HERE!  I've also received one from Beth Webb after a post I did on her.  You can see that post on Beth HERE!
These are truly kind people. Ronda is a truly kind person and I've so enjoyed following her blog as well as her posts on this incredible book! We placed our order right away for Mulberry Heights Antiques to carry it and when it came…I was in St. Lucia! Of all things! So, I am just now getting to read it from cover to cover and enjoying it thoroughly! 

It begins with a very nice forward from Martha Stewart and then continues alphabetically with all of our favorite designers as well as some I am looking forward to getting to know! I didn't want to show you the whole book as I feel that you should get a copy for yourself and see what I mean! It's incredible! Here is just a small sampling you will see when you read it!

Tammy Connor's personal home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Barry Dixon's personal home.

His estate, which is named Elway Hall is truly magnificent! I did a post on Barry awhile back that was one of my personal favorites. You can see it HERE if you'd like to read more about his wonderful home.

Tobi Fairley's personal home in Little Rock, Arkansas certainly lives up to the standards that we've all come to love and expect from her!

And here is glimpse of Steven Gambrel's home in Sag Harbour.

Celerie Kembel is featured above with these fabulous vintage chairs in her home 27 floors above Central Park! Be still my heart! 

 And although this is just my personal opinion, no book on designers would be complete without Charlotte Moss' home! Simply, gorgeous!

And I was so happy to see Suzanne Rheinstein in here! I did a blog post on her awhile back which you can see HERE! I always love seeing my 'Wednesday What If ' posts pop up again!

One of the most talented designers ever is towards the end of the book…that's because it is alphabetical! What a genius move on the part of Ronda! Anyway, Bunny William's is so gifted and I was thrilled to see her in here. I've seen her speak in person and it was wonderful!

I could probably study her personal home as well as countless others she has designed and be lost in a world of contentment. In fact, that is exactly what this fabulous book allows! You are allowed to get lost in a world of your own contentment and study all of your favorites! I promise that you will love this fabulous book and it will be on the top of your "coffee table books"! I know it is on mine!

Make sure to check out Ronda's blog called All The Best. It is well worth reading and you can find out more about her book as well! Like I said earlier, these are just a few of the many designers that are featured! There are so many others like Brooke and Steve Giannetti's home as well as Scott Meacham Wood, etc. You will love devouring the pages of this book as much as I have! Hope you have a wonderful week! We are gearing up for our first trunk show with Michele McKeon of Sennod jewelry this Thursday so there is much to do to get ready for it! So much for having been in St. Lucia all last week! It seems like eons ago already! Oh, how I miss it!


  1. Hi Carolyn,

    This is wonderful! Look at that Elway Hall estate.. stunning. Beautiful homes and I think I'll check Amazon to see if I can get this book and I'll check Rhonda's blog:)

    Hope you are well and enjoying the spring time weather!


  2. Did you love St. Lucia? Tell us all about it in words & photos. Please.

  3. Carolyn-
    This looks like a fabulous book. I have followed Rhonda since the beginning and love her, so I am not surprised to see that her book is fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing some of hte gorgeous rooms.
    Happy Tuesday.

  4. Hi there! Good to see you back, hopefully well rested. Looks like a great book, and there is ALWAYS room on my bookshelves for one more great design book.......enjoy your day!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  5. How did I miss this - Can't wait to add this one to my ever growing collection!! Can't wait to hear about St Lucia!!

  6. How do i knot have this book?? I'm going to buy it RIGHT NOW!! Thank you!

  7. Looks like a great book! Looking forward to hearing about St. Lucia! I haven't been there yet so I would love to see what you thought!...Lots of pictures please!

  8. Welcome back, Carolyn! I hope you'll share some vacation photos :) I enjoyed a few of them on Instagram. Can't wait to get this book as I admire and love so many of the featured designers. And I'm thinking of selling it at our shop.

  9. Carolyn you convinced me! I am ordering the book this moment!

  10. I love peaking into their world and seeing how they live...I've got to get me a copy! Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!

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