Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh, To Be In Kiawah Island Again!

This summer really started off with a bang....and now it seems to be fizzling out! Actually, I'm pretty sure it's been "sizzling" here in Alabama thanks to our relentless heat and humidity!
 But...I'm not complaining! 

I'm actually just taking a break today as we seem to have been on a fast track pace these last few weeks. Today I finally sat down to just re-group. In the past 3-4 weeks we have helped our daughter and her husband pack up their house in New Orleans to move to Houston, driven to Fairhope, Al and then on to our beach place in Destin, FL and then flown to Houston to help get them settled. On top of all of that my dear, faithful employee sold her house and retired from my shop last week. To say it's been a roller coaster ride of emotions is putting it lightly!
( oh, did I mention the stress of watching your son apply to medical school?)
 Therefore....I decided today to think back to that wonderful week of vacation we had in Kiawah Island, South Carolina while attending a beautiful wedding in Charleston this past April.

We started off at The Sanctuary hotel on Kiawah Island. 
It is truly spectacular!

It oozes Southern charm and hospitality! If you ever get a chance to go I highly recommend it!

You are greeted like royalty when you enter the main level foyer which is surrounded by beautiful antiques furnishings, gorgeous fabrics and exquisite paintings. Jackye Lanham did a remarkable job with the details of the interior design.  

With an on sight florist it's no wonder there are stunning arrangements at all times!

Of course I couldn't resist taking a picture!

This grouping of Adirondack chairs was so appealing to me! I just loved it when I found it completely empty and Jim and I had it all to ourselves!

Everything about this place was just incredible! And the weather could not have been any better! Sometimes in April you never know but this time it all worked quite well! Even for the wedding!

We spent most of our time there either on the beach....

Photographing the beach....

Photographing our!

Or riding bikes on the beach! My personal favorite!

And luckily, we never did see any alligators!

Our view from our balcony was just splendid!

Once we left Kiawah we went straight over to Charleston for a few nights. We loved exploring with our daughter and her husband and we found several really yummy restaurants.

This one was a huge hit!

Finally, it was time for the wedding!
 And oh, what a beautiful wedding it was!

Weddings are such a fun time to be together and reunite with old and dear friends!

Well, that's all I've got for now! Thankful for these wonderful memories to reflect on and thankful for that time we got to spend together alone on Kiawah as well as with family and friends in Charleston. And yes, just relaxing and reflecting today has already made my spirits feel a little lighter and better!
 I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

That being said, I think I will let my artist's paintings speak for themselves! 
There are a lot of paintings on here so the less I say the better! 
Just thought you'd like to see a sampling from our Southern Strokes art show last week. 
Let's begin with our newest artist at Mulberry, Amy Crews! Here are several pieces she brought and she is also pictured here with our Governor's wife. Because she is from Alabama and is so well known she was commissioned by them to paint a beautiful work for the Governor's Mansion in Montgomery, Alabama. 

When I look at Amy's paintings I truly feel like I am looking at the actual object...everything is so lifelike!

Next, we have Melissa Payne Baker from Atlanta, Georgia.

Once again, her works speak for themselves! Once I met Melissa I fell in love with contemporary art and truly love how well it mixes with my antiques as well as traditional paintings in my shop. 

Melissa also does hand painted wine glasses. These are a very popular gift item for sure! She has even done several sets for customers that wanted custom painted glasses to match their china.

And her newest venture....

These gorgeous screen printed scarves on silk! They are to die for!

Another Birmingham native in the shop is darling Vicki Denaburg! 

Vicki has a flare all her own that seems to mix contemporary and traditional together as well being known for her very popular "beach themes". 

And last but certainly not least is Lauren Dunn from Franklin, Tennessee. One of the best things about all of our artists is that they are all friends and really enjoy being together! 
It makes having them all in one show a lot of fun!

Lauren paints things that evoke memories of her upbringing so you will see many beautiful churches, barns, florals, fields, animals, etc....It's all about growing up in this wonderful Southern heritage and culture we have down here!

So there you have it! In one long but full of beauty blog post! Here is a group shot at the end of the show! It was a lot of fun and as usual, my mind is gearing up for more ideas for the fall!
For now though....I plan on enjoying these next few summer months and selling a lot of wonderful art! Hope you can stop by sometime...either in person or on the web! 
We would love to hear from you!