Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'Dear Carolina', A Love Story Of Sorts...

Ok…I know that I've been very unfaithful when it comes to blogging in the last few months. 
I have to admit, I get bored easily…and if life isn't exciting…then in my mind…it isn't worth telling! 
Not necessarily always true!  
Recently, I had the joy and pleasure of being one of the people that got an advance copy of 'Dear Carolina' by fellow blogger, Kristy Harvey. To say that I was tickled pink is putting it lightly! 

When I received Kristy's email explaining the entire premise of the book…I knew! 
I knew in my heart I wouldn't be able to put it down! I mean really…not only does it have my favorite version of my name in the title…it takes place in my favorite region of the South…and more importantly it speaks to my heart because of the subject matter. 
Give me a needy soul, a willing and able rescuer and good design and I am hooked! 
Both Jodi and Khaki were such believable characters…there was nothing but honesty and love flowing throughout the entire book.
 I wonder…when this book was written was anyone in the forefront of the author's mind? 
I highly doubt I was! 
I couldn't have written a better fiction version of this story if my life had depended on it! And I bet Kristy never thought that one of her fellow bloggers would so relate to this book that they couldn't put it down..wouldn't put it down! 
When I say that I hung on every word that Kristy wrote..I am not lying! I'm thankful! I'm so very thankful for a book that spoke volumes to making wise decisions…to making a decision that chose life…even if it meant going the extra mile and thinking beyond yourself. It meant making a decision that was best for the child. This book takes us into the lives of both the birth mom and the adoptive mom. But the best part of the book…the part that makes me the proudest as a mom faced with similar issues... is that she chose life! And even though there were the obvious other options…she was unselfish and unwavering. 
I have never looked back. Obviously, I didn't face the same financial situations and was brought up by an incredible family and was blessed beyond measure with supportive friends and a husband that loved me more than I could ever have dreamed of or hoped for. 
And still does. 
My point being, there is hope in even the most hopeless of situations. I have learned that as I have grown older and I see now that all that we went through only helped to grow us stronger…together as a couple but also as individuals. It has served us well…I truly wouldn't trade it for anything!
Thank you, Kristy for writing something so heartfelt that it made me go back and re-live my own struggles. And it made me happy and sad all at the same time. Not really sure if that makes perfect sense to anyone but me but that's ok! The book was perfect!

Much love,

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Story To Share…Lauren Dunn's Art

Several years ago I was blessed to meet Lauren Dunn.
What I wish more than anything is that one day….Lauren and I can share that story! 
Our friendship was born from a love of art…and for that I am forever grateful! 
She is truly an angel and such a gifted artist!

 Her paintings convey her love of everything that she holds dear. Faith, family, friendships and fun! 
And guess what? When I look at any given painting of hers that is exactly what I see and feel!
 I am forever grateful that Lauren Dunn chose our shop to be represented in and I pray that we can hold up to our end of the bargain!

Just look at that beautiful smile! Lauren is as genuine as you get. Pretty is as pretty does as I've always been told! And if this southern girl is anything…she is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside! 
What you is what you get and to me…that means EVERYTHING!

I was so excited when one of the stylists from Cottage Living came to our last art show. 
Lauren was painting away to show our customers how it is done and the stylist was busily asking me all of Lauren's information. I am so glad they were able to capture her charm and skills in this wonderful article! Especially in her very own home!

She brought a few of her prints to the show as well and they were well received.

Hopefully, I will get to visit her beautiful home as well and see her in her own element. But for now, I am just thrilled and honored that she chooses to have her beautiful art in my shop. And very humbled!

Make sure you check out this latest issue of Cottage Living so you can see for  yourself! 
Lauren's work never lasts long in the shop. Take a look at what she is delivering to us this afternoon! 
I can hardly wait!

See you soon!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When Your Mother Is Jan Showers!

For many years I have admired the gorgeous work of designer Jan Showers. Now that I am sitting here in the midst of a 'Winter Storm Warning' that so far has just produced a lot of cold rain where I live I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest issue of Elle Decor magazine.  
Take a look at the Houston home of her daughter, Susanna Showers Moldawer. 

The very first page shows us a glimpse of the beautiful library in the distance as well as the living room that hosts this pair of sunburst mirrors from the Jan Shower's Collection. My eyes immediately were drawn to the pair of Dutch Marquetry chairs and rightfully so! They were passed down from Susanna's mother in law. I think they are stunning!

It's hard to imagine that when Susanna first walked into the home when it for sale she didn't like it at all! It just goes go to show you what two wonderful design minds can do! Especially when one of them is Jan Showers! For years I have admired her work and just recently began wanting to carry a few of her pieces in my shop. I will most definitely have to look into it! I love that she chose the sunny or "fun" yellow as she puts it because it reminded her of her daughter's personality!

Being in the antiques business I am always glad to hear that someone held on to a piece passed down to them from someone special and worked into a more contemporary setting. 

And I have learned to appreciate contemporary pieces of art thanks to our wonderful artists in my shop!  It mixes in so well here!

Here is Susanna with her daughter Eliza.

Isn't this table beautiful? It is also from the Jan Showers Collection. As pretty as it is the article states that it is truly "used" everyday by her family...even for doing homework much to her mother's dismay! But...if you've got a growing family a house truly needs to be livable and not untouchable in my opinion.

I love that color is used in here as well as throughout the house. It looks so inviting! The lamps and glass ware are such a wonderful touch on the table (another piece from the Jan Showers Collection).

I'm not sure why we've never carried a bar cart in my shop but this one sure makes me want to!

We are currently trying to decide what to do to re-vamp our own pool area. My husband loves this concept with the grass going up to the pool surround. I haven't decided yet but this is certainly gorgeous!

And my favorite room might just be this bedroom! Just look at that Hermes blanket! The entire house is inviting, welcoming, charming and decorated to a 'T'. I loved it and I'm glad for this gloomy day to sit at home and finally catch up on some of what's going on in the design world right now!
I must say that there might just be ulterior motives in my search of Houston designs…will keep you posted on that! 
 Take care and I hope you are enjoying some better weather wherever you are! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

A Southern Lady Photo Shoot!

You know I always love to show you when a magazine has used different items from my shop because it's fun…and it's great advertising! But this time I really want you to see what they used so you can get a glimpse of another aspect of one of our artists! Melissa Payne Baker is one of the artists that we carry and along with her gorgeous paintings she also does these fabulous hand painted wine glasses!

In the brand new issue of Southern Lady magazine they have featured Melissa's beautiful wine glasses with these lovely purple and white plates…what a beautiful Spring table this makes!

And I know…this salad looks amazing!

We have so enjoyed carrying Melissa's art and her wine glasses have been a huge hit as well! 
They are also a huge seller at Neiman Marcus during Christmas. 

And I'm sure you feel the same way that I do in wishing that Spring would hurry up! I want to enjoy my garden again and have beautiful flowers just like this! I am definitely not a fan of winter!

I love the combination of the lime green thrown in with the purple!  Southern Lady's photo stylists always do a great job on these photo shoots! 

This certainly makes me want to host a garden party before too long! 

And speaking of Southern Lady…Melissa is truly a southern lady if I've ever met one. She is as beautiful on the inside as she in on the outside! Take a look at some of the other colors the wine glasses come in.

 As you can see she does them in stemmed, stemless and flutes. 

She is happy to do special orders as well.

Make sure to visit her different sights. You can see her in several publications HERE. If you like something you see on here you can call us or call Melissa! 
But make sure you go get a copy of this issue of Southern Lady…the recipes look amazing as well!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why Should You Go To Market?

I know what you're thinking!
A vintage car full of glorious flowers?

That is not the reason to go to market!
Oh…but it is! To get inspired!

Especially when you and your husband have "debated" about it for weeks and finally he has the "vision" that you've always had. That the two of you really should go! Just go!
Even if it's just for the sake of "seeing what's out there!"
(of course I had been telling him that for weeks!)

There is so much to see!
some not so good….

 Some of it is a "step out" in my realm but I think this coral is truly beautiful! 
Can't you just see it in a gorgeous beach home? 
I certainly can! 
 And trust me…it is all the rage!

And some of it is definitely hard to part with! Like this gorgeous 19th Century French mirror for example! There are numerous places I have carried it around to in my own home already.
 But…it will be at the shop waiting on just the right buyer!

As will these antique Italian Olive Jars! I just love them!

Who could resist these antique carved wooden panels? 
I would give anything to have a shop full of them right now!

Like I said earlier…inspiration surrounded us! Even as we glanced out the window coming down the escalator! Who would've "thunk"! A ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta?

And Kalalou's showroom is always fun to see! 
It's a bit outlandish…but I guess that's why they are always packed to the brim with buyers! 
They know how to inspire!

Color attracts people just as all an all neutral pallete does. 
I've never understood how two such polar opposites could make me love them? But they do!
 I tend to gravitate toward the neutrals but the color in design sure does make me "feel" happy!

We basically just took our time and strolled ( actually, we ran! ) through market this time. It was just the right amount of time…gave me a chance to see it again and feel connected to the places and "things" that make my world go round so to speak in the design and retail field. 
It also gave us a brief chance to get away and have fun…and discuss life!

Market never ceases to amaze me with it's enormity! 
I can't wait to try out the Dallas market next year...

As you know, everything is bigger in Texas! 
I intend to explore it and enjoy it!

I was so glad that the High Design floor didn't disappoint!
 As usual, it is always the highlight of my trip!

They always have it decorated so well…and the flowers are always spectacular! 
It is such a fun place to meet new vendors as well as discover new sources.

I'm so excited about the new items they have replicated from the antiques. And I can assure you my sweet friend Tina from The Enchanted Home would've just loved this booth! 
Just look at that blue and white that she loves so much!
I can't wait to get our order in!

No detail was left unturned...

All of the High Design booths were just lovely!

I could've ordered one or two of everything if Jim would've let me!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip to Market! Short…very short…but very sweet, indeed! A quick stay at the Ritz, dinner out and time spent together is always worth the trip! Oh…and we watched a really good movie! I only had to nudge Jim to stay awake about 10 times! ( he was tired! ) 

No matter…I enjoyed it…and cried! That's always a good sign, isn't it? Anyway, thanks for looking at our speed trip through Market 2015! I barely remember it but made lots of notes!
Until next time…let us know what you are looking for these days in terms of design? Do you like color or neutral? Do you like antiques or modern? Or, are you like me and you like the simple mix of both. It's really not a complicated decision. My advice has always been to buy what you love and design according to your own lifestyle…after all…it's you that will be living in it!