Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall In Love With Art!

That was our theme for this particular show. As you can see Alison Thomas of AKT Designs incorporated that theme quite well in her arrangement she did especially for us! She always does the most amazing centerpieces, etc. for all of our events!

Even with with chalkboard out front to draw in the masses….

To the incredible arrangement she did on the front door, everything was centered with art and fall in mind!

When Melissa arrived with her paintings the theme continued with her use of fall colors in some of my favorite pieces of hers! 

This was the first time we had ever had our artists actually paint in the shop. People gathered around and it was truly fascinating! This is Melissa showing how she actually starts with her paintings on a flat surface and then moves them to the easel.

To all of us it seemed effortless! 

She actually did two different paintings so here she is with the second one.

Lauren brought a wide variety of subject matter in her paintings and there was something for everyone!

She has started doing these smaller pieces on canvas and then framing them. ( she also has an incredible framing business!)

Here Lauren is getting ready to paint for everyone.

Again, it seemed effortless to her but amazing to all of us!

When it was time for Vicki to paint we cranked up the Country music and let it blare! Seriously…that's how she likes to paint and she names a lot of her paintings after certain titles or lines in the songs. I like to try to see if I can guess which song it is when I see her titles. 

How cute is she? One of my sweet customers stayed to watch all three artists and during the demonstrations she remarked that all three of our artists are all so beautiful! And she's right! They are beautiful inside AND out!

Of course with every show we have we always have to have good food! This time I kept hearing people say it was better than ever! That's what we are always hoping for!

It is a tradition to have these fabulous chocolate chip cookies with sea salt! Everyone loves them! My sweet granddaughter came by after school with her mommy and thoroughly enjoyed them!

We had art displayed outside and in! 
We were so full of art yesterday it was amazing!

Now we are full of fresh, new art and I'm sure many of the pieces won't be around for long!

Oh, and in the midst of all of that our beautiful hand blown glass pumpkins arrived! 

So many pretty pieces were left for us to enjoy and sell to you! 

At the end of the day, when all was said and done I took one more look at the beautiful flowers that Alison did and just took in everything that had gone on that day! It was a wonderful time spent with friends, family and artists!

We had three very lucky and extremely happy winners from our giveaway at the end of the day! What a treat! If you are looking for a piece of pretty art to brighten up your home we certainly can help you do that! Come see what's new at Mulberry Heights!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Did I Mention We Are Having An Art Show?

Did I mention that our own Lauren Dunn was commissioned to paint this gorgeous painting as a gift for  none other than my personal favorite, Luke Bryan? Did I? Probably not since I was sworn to silence but seriously, I'm so glad the silence was broken! Isn't it just beautiful?

Lauren Dunn

Lauren Dunn
Her florals have always stood out to me but these days…it's the cows!
For some reason I am strangely drawn to them.  

 I am loving her cow paintings and seriously, I hope she brings several of them to the show. 
I hope it's not a subliminal message in my mind because of my children and Chickfil-A.
Sure would be a great Chick Fil A painting tho…."Really Kevin?" That is what this painting says to me…but then, I am seriously biased and praying that God 'mooooves' in the life of the CFA people that are making the decisions when it comes to my precious Holly and Brad!

'Moooving' right along…Here is the wonderful ad in the Over The Mountain Journal for our art show this Wednesday! Just take a look at some of the works our artists are bringing with them! I am super excited!

Melissa Payne Baker
Here is a good sampling of Melissa's work…she is one talented lady! She happens to be incredibly beautiful and sweet as well. I love seeing pictures of her precious little boy, Payne! He is a doll!

Melissa Payne Baker

Melissa Payne Baker
Melissa Payne Baker

Melissa Payne Baker
Melissa Payne Baker
Vicki Denaburg
And for the first time ever we have the pleasure and joy of having sweet Vicki Denaburg with us! We are so grateful to have such a talented artist in the shop that is also a local artist as well as a friend! Thank you, Vicki for allowing us to carry your fabulous work!
 I just bought two of her pieces to put in my very own home and I love them! 
They literally 'made' the space that I was unhappy with! 
Vicki Denaburg
Vicki Denaburg
Vicki Denaburg

And here are just a few more pictures of what Lauren is bringing. I've seen several paintings that she had at a show in Nashville this past weekend and I am drooling! ( Or am I mooing?)

Don't feel bad if you don't get my cow "funnies" right now…to know me is to love me and to love me is to love my children! I just want them home…it's been a long time now and Chick Fil A has moved them around a lot! But you know what, they've done great, we've faired well and the story will always have a happy ending as long as we know that they are right where God wants them to be! God is in complete control! 

Lauren Dunn
But just like this precious lab is looking for someone and waiting for someone to come home….So are we! 

And just like "Betsy Sue"….we will continue to "Moooove" right along and enjoy the path that God has planned for us since the beginning! But we sure hope you will join us this Wednesday! You won't be sorry! It will be so much fun…the artists are all giving away a painting in a drawing and you don't even have to be present to win! Oh…and then there is lunch! We always provide good food and promise a great time! 
What more can you ask for?
Hope to see you Wednesday!