Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Treats~

I love that my shop is often called upon to loan items for photo shoots…it gives us exposure and allows us to be a part of something bigger! 

I love the calls we get from the readers of all of these publications…it brings us people from all walks of life and every corner of the Untied States and then some. 
We share the common bond of loving and collecting beautiful things such as antique transferware!

Selfishly, I get to read the recipes in the magazines before a lot of you do because they send us early copies as a "Thank You" for letting them borrow our antique pieces. Therefore, when I see some that I think really look amazing I've decided to share them early with you!

(I love the way this tea pot photographed!)

 The cake stand above has sold since this was shot for Tea Time Magazine. 
I plan on finding more to add to the collections I carry at my shop…especially seeing how beautiful this *Salted Caramel Pound Cake looks on it!
*see recipe below

After reading this today at my shop it made me appreciate once again the reason I started my shop in the first place….

The things that remind you of the past and give you something to share with those in your future! Your children and your grandchildren! Special friends and loved ones!
 I named my personal cookbook that I made for my family, "Collections". 
This is exactly the reason why I did!
 Enjoy the magazine when it arrives near you... 
~And definitely try out some of these amazing recipes~


  1. Hi Carolyn,beautifully done! Yes, how nice to see your special pieces in print!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Halloween Artistry!

  2. Carolyn that transferware is just gorgeous! Someone is going to snag that tea pot!!

  3. I adore your selection, everything is so classy and elegant. You have a very good taste in decor and crockery. All things are perfect for the Thanksgiving tea party. Thanks for sharing!

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