Friday, October 16, 2015

"Fall In Love With Art" 2015 Show And Introducing Vesela Baker!

 I hope you don't get tired of looking at art! 
I feel like lately that is  what most of my posts are about but it's what I do!
 And it's truly what I love doing! 
I really enjoy each artist that we represent in my shop and we are so happy to introduce
Vesela Baker! 

Vesela is originally from Bulgaria which is where she studied art but she and her husband currently live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is truly a delightful person and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her officially for the first time yesterday at our "Fall In Love With Art" show. 
Truthfully, I felt honored that she joined us as she does not usually do many shows. 

The first time she brought paintings I was not there…So, I thought I might show you what she brought that sold so quickly... simply so that I can remember it myself!

This beautiful painting that resembles a Twilight at a lake in my mind!

This painting of Roses went into our window for our flower display for the Antiques and Garden Show a few weeks ago.

And these blue flowers…Iris? 
I'm not sure…but they were spectacular!

So this time around I begged Vesela for another "Twilight"! So pretty! The rest was up to her!

She and her husband work together as a team...he builds the frames, she paints the beautiful paintings and then they use a technique which has been quite popular where they finish it off with an epoxy finish. 
To say the result is stunning is putting it mildly!

 I'm not sure if you can tell how large these paintings are 
but the pieces she brought us range from 60 x 48 to 36 x 48.

At our last few shows we've had a drawing for a 
free painting from each of the artists and this is the one that Vesela donated. 

And then there was Wednesday! 
A day early, mind you! Vicki Denaburg lives right here…right down the road from me so she was able to bring most of her pieces ahead of time! I always love that because it gives me time to go ahead and take pictures before the show actually starts…and then it's not so hectic! The first piece I saw was her fabulous horse painting!  It went straight to our window to be on display for all to see!

Vicki and Lauren Dunn went to France over the summer with several other artists and this is one of the paintings that resulted from their wonderful time there!

This little beauty left with one of my dear friends! 
And I just got a text from her saying she's keeping it!

This beautiful abstract also left with another one of 
my dear friends to try it in a space she's been eyeing for a long time!

Vicki is so talented and I love the diversity in her work. 
From her florals and churches to her landscapes and abstracts she always pleases everyone! 

I would love any of these star fish or coral pieces to go in my own beach house! Maybe I should take them with me when we finally get to go again next weekend!!

I'm loving Vicki's painting that was given away in the drawing!

And sweet Lauren Dunn!
My friend that I have loved "running things by"from the early days and learning this art life with! She now lives in Brentwood, Tennessee and brought some new looks to the show this time after spending some time in Carmel and other spots in California this summer. 

These new paintings meant a lot to me because these  are the parts of California where I grew up when my dad was in the Navy…we loved visiting each of these places! Everyone was loving the color pallets she used and everyone had fond memories of times spent there as well!

She also brought some florals that we all have loved and then she added a whimsical touch as well.

Everyone truly did comment on how much they loved all of the colors Lauren was using! 
I love the fact that all of my artists blend so well together! 

This pretty little church painting was the donation from Lauren and the girl that won this one is the daughter of a good friend of mine and she was thrilled!

The only one we were missing this time was Melissa Payne Baker from Atlanta. She already had a previous engagement and we were so sad but totally understood that these things happen sometimes!
 I will book her early for the Spring show!

Melissa chose this beautiful abstract painting with a cross in it for her giveaway! 
I can assure you everyone was beyond thrilled when we called to tell all four people that they had won!

So, that's it in a very large nutshell! 
My artists and me! 
Loving every minute of it and trying to share it with all of you! 
I am forever grateful for each and every one of them! Without their art I
would be really sad and just be a shop. With their art I can be the gallery that I desire to be. Most of all…I want to be their friend and share life long memories! I love the way we laugh and share with each other!  I love that I truly think of them as my friend first and an artist in my shop second. 
Life is too short to not enjoy doing what you love! 

And boy do I love these people! I love this picture of Lauren and Vicki and I so hate that Vesela had already left when this was taken! Trust me…next show, next visit…a group photo will be taken! 

Come see us! Come see the beautiful art that fills my shop because of these oh, so, very talented artists!!


  1. Carolyn are you kidding I never, ever get tired of looking at art and love those you represent!!
    Brava ladies and keep making your dreams and passion come alive!!

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  3. These are lovely paintings, I must say this is not an easy task. I tried it once but couldn't make it. You surely have good skills. Thank you for sharing it