Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Grown-Up House!

I was so excited to see this issue of Birmingham Home and Garden that I immediately began this blog post! Then…life happened I guess because it's still sitting here and I'm determined to let you see it today!

One of my favorite designers in Birmingham is Mark Kennamer…he is also a friend and makes me happy every time I see him! He just has that way about him! When he first brought in his customer, Angela Mitchell I was immediately drawn to her as well and now she is also someone I can call a friend!

The two of them certainly work well together! Take a look at Angela's dream home... The grown-up home is a description that fits it quite well! I could certainly enjoy being in this home and never leaving. Jean Allsopp's photography once again makes everything shine!
Being on such a beautiful lake as Lake Guntersville only adds to its beauty!

Not sure I could leave this pool area ever!

I remember meeting Mark at a Decorator's Show House Meeting years ago and he couldn't have been nicer…luckily I still get to see him when he comes in the shop. He and Angela had such a good time together on this house and it shows…the pieces they chose for each room are simply magnificent! I love the fabric choices as well and as Mark states in the article the velvet on the sofas will only become more beautiful over time. Even with life on a lake!

With James Carter as the architect and Mark the interior designer no detail was left undone….each item carefully chosen to represent Angela's personality. And I love the fact that Angela speaks about her love of antiques going back to the fact that her grandmother own an antiques shop! 

I specifically remember them describing the beautiful kitchen when it was being built. I also noticed how pretty it looks on Mark's website which you can see HERE!

Breathtaking is what it is! I would cook up a storm in that kitchen! When Cyndy Cantley designs the kitchen you KNOW it's going to be incredible! You can see her website HERE!

Here are a few more shots of the house….one day I truly plan to drive up and pay Angela a visit just to see it for myself! ( she has said I could several times! )

I have a feeling more and more pictures will emerge over time even if I have to take them myself! I will keep you posted! For now, check out the magazine and definitely check out Mark Kennamer's work for yourself! You will be glad you did!
Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Carolyn what a great friend to have and he is so talented. I am so drawn to the master bedroom!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

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    Painting Central Park

  2. The house is beautful! I loved the wood beams, the teal bedroom with the quadrefoil light, the framed intaglios and OF COURSE that pool! Thanks for sharing! Now time to take a trip to the lake to see her house in person ;)

  3. Gorgeous home. I have been meaning to subscribe to Birminngham Home and Garden. Thanks for sharing ...what a talented friend you have!

  4. Gorgeous home! Wow, I love every single photo...what a talent and how lucky to be a friend too! Enjoy your week. Hope all is well with you!

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  6. The house is beautiful! Gorgeous! Hope all is well with you! Enjoy your week.