Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When You Love Someone Set Them Free!

That's what we've all heard before and been taught, right? 
 It's actually very hard to do and something I had to come to grips with this summer when my sweet "Assistant" for at least 12 years decided to do the unthinkable! 
She retired and moved to the lake! How dare her! 
In all seriousness as sad as I was to see her go I was also very happy and excited for her and her husband! What a dream come true! 
However, I was also a little panic stricken I don't mind telling you! 
Me? Run things alone? How could I do that? My mind was racing and yet I knew that I had several sweet women working part time that would most definitely be there beside me. For that, I am forever grateful! 

Alison of AKT Designs
Between Alison, Aimee and Gigi I felt quite certain we could manage! And for a while, Alison stepped in and we thought she would be working full time. Plans change and lives change and I had to really learn to roll with the punches when Alison was offered another job. Again, Lord? I'm not sure I can do that! But….I knew the Lord would be faithful and He was! 
He provided the two perfect people for me and I am forever grateful!

Aimee Hay

 Sweet Aimee is able to work on Mondays and hopefully fill in more as we get accustomed to this new life at Mulberry Heights! She is such a perfect fit at the shop and even better…she is Pattie's niece!  And go figure…right when Alison resigned Gigi had just resigned from her full time position somewhere else. Now I really knew God had a plan all along but this just confirmed it! Gigi has fit right in as our "full time" person and is taking charge as if it were her own. Which is exactly what Pattie always did! 

So, thank you, Gigi and Aimee! I am one blessed lady that is so excited that you are both the new "Faces of Mulberry"! I hope that you are half as excited as I am! I'm looking forward to all that God has in store for us! For you personally and for the shop! I will promise to appreciate all that you do for me and for my business and I pray that we will become dear friends just like Pattie and I are! ( I refuse to say "were")

As a shop owner and as her friend,  I certainly hope I appreciated Pattie enough!
 I'm not sure I did but I see now all that she did for me and for my shop and there is nothing I can do to repay her…except to set her free! 

Stay tuned…I promise to be a more faithful blogger and keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings at the shop! For now, I wanted you to know all that has been going on with us over the summer! 
We are busily planning a great event for the Antiques and Garden Show in early October as well as an art show in mid October. Hope to have more details soon! 
For now, keep us in mind! Come see us and meet all of the girls that help me so well!


  1. Oh Carolyn I do understand. It is so hard when friends move away.
    When I moved from San Diego back to Kansas City to be by family, I found that several long time friends had moved away to the lake, to Florida etc!! You are a true trooper and have so many great things going on, I admire you so much!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring Sharon Santoni

  2. Hi best friend moved 5 hours away...thank goodness for technology...we have stayed very close over the miles