Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What If Wednesdays….What If I Were Truly Honest?

"Truth be told"…as Ellen always says…I should've done this post on Tammy Connor a very long time ago! I've wanted to…I really have!  If I were truly honest I would tell you that I want to come home to a house that Tammy Connor designed…I just do! They are beautiful and lovely…serene and sophisticated…comfortable and uncompromising…all at the same time!

It's hard when you think you know someone and you really don't. I mean, I think she's been in my shop before... because she told me she has but I'm just not sure! 

I feel like I know her though!  I'm super excited about the new book coming out that we will carry that not only features her house as well as several other great designers, but I've heard she has had a huge role in it as a whole. I actually heard that from the author herself, Ronda Rice Carman.

 I'm totally in love with her work and after looking at all of these pictures that I've wanted to talk about for so long I've confirmed what I've always known! I MUST have Tammy Connor help me re-do my house! Then I saw her post on Let There Be Light with the Tastemakers, etc… at the wonderful Birmingham Antiques and Garden Show! How fun!

Something I've always wanted to do…at least in another town!  As a well known and very well respected designer, I think she will do great and we will all benefit from her vignette in the show. I saw several names that I'm very excited about seeing!  Bill IngramLiz Woods and the mother daughter team of Marjorie Johnston and  Wendy Barze were the other designers I've always admired.

Seeing this article on the Tastemakers made me reflect on the plans that Jim and I had drawn up by our friend and incredibly talented architect, Lauren Barrett. We were so excited about them and thought everything was about to be under way.

We are still hoping to do them and we WERE doing them until the economy took such a down swing and I looked at my husband and said, " I just don't feel comfortable doing this right now!" Of course, he didn't either because we are "usually" on the same wave length! However…it's been several years since I said that and now with the photo shoot that started today at my house I am that much more aware of the fact that this house needs a HUGE makeover!

 I've decided I really need to talk Jim into at least letting us do "some" renovating and redecorating! I don't want to do it myself anymore…I'm just too tired…Plain and Simple! And after seeing Tammy's pictures that I've wanted to post for quite some time now…I'm convinced that she and I would get along great and that I love her style THAT much! I really do! Take a look for yourself at just a few examples of her incredible talent!

If I could incorporate just a "sprinkling" of her design talent in my home it would make me very happy!

Her work is timeless and transcends all expectations of going from "old lady formal" to new, modern and traditional with a twist!

I'm loving her use of "collections" in the hallway. I can't tell if it's creamware or drabware but either way…it's stunning and would work quite well in my house. And I'm crazy about those crosses in the nursery…that I think was in her own home….I'm double checking that one!

Her unusual light fixtures make me want to scour the countryside for some fabulous treasures to add to the shop!

And I love the serenity of these rooms…would be perfect at our beach house! ( I'm telling you, we would get along just great!)

A few more examples seen above and below of using beloved collections.

Birmingham Country Club was certainly smart when they hired the expertise of Tammy Connor to do the work on the renovations at the club…it's stunning!

Her signature style stands alone…it is timeless and elegant or as my mother in law always says…" Elegant but understated!" So, so true!

I hope you will all try to attend the Birmingham Botanical Garden's Tastemakers 2012 show…it should be well worth your while! I can promise you that you will not be disappointed with Tammy Connor!

Hope your Wednesday is proving to be a great one!


  1. Great post, Carolyn. I love Tammy's work too.
    These images are stunning, and my favorites are the foyer (the table, wow)r and the library.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. Very pretty rooms - inviting and cozy. Love the table as kitchen island as well. Thanks for the introduction to her work.

  3. Hello, Carolyn -
    I can see why you love Tammy Connor's work. Her rooms are very gracious and perfectly appointed. Totally agree: timeless, elegant and understated! The Birmingham Country Club looks really beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  4. Think most of the chandeliers are hanging too high, but her sense of style is lovely. I enjoyed this post so much.

  5. Timeless and classic, love her style. Her quote in the second image is spot-on...As a designer, I always want my clients to feel like they can "curl up barefoot on the sofa" after their project is complete. Love that!

  6. Carolyn I say go for it. Start out small and do one room in your home if you can and see how you feel money wise after that. The economy needs a few dollars injected into the system so go for it. Tammy's style is beautiful and I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to copy he style. Wonderful post!


  7. You aren't kidding...she is sooo talented!! Her style and taste are so timeless, have to bookmakr this post. She decorates how I like to decorate. Just beautiful! I will second what Debra said about going slow and taking it one step at a time but just going for it....your home is your haven, and it should be exactly what you want to come home to at the end of a day:) I know you have exquisite taste yourself......loved this post!

  8. I've seen so many of these rooms before but had no idea they were hers! She is SO talented and i'm very happy for the intro. Really a great post!

  9. WOw beautiful! I have seen a few of these, but now I can put a picture with a name :)

  10. Your mother-in-law said it perfectly ...elegant, but understated. Love all these interiors! x Sharon

  11. I don't know what is prettier...Her or her work! I've seen some of these images but never knew the designer behind the gorgeous work. xo

  12. I love her style too. She has a casual, but sophisticated way about designing. Cant wait to see her book!

  13. Dearest Carolyn!

    WOW, I am not sure which room is my favorite; that child's room however, with the stone and arched feature above the crib is just so cozy and elegant all at the same time! And a room/house makeover is always fun to watch or get involved in!

    Your kind comment at 100 is well received!!! THANK YOU! I hope you are having a wonderful beginning of fall and enjoy all the beautiful possibilities of home décor and seasonal cuisine!!! Anita

  14. LOVE all these gorgeous pics!!! Thanks for sharing!!!