Monday, September 17, 2012

The Art Of Being Still

Sometimes I truly have to work at being still and enjoying life without wishing it away or watching it pass me by….when I saw Jeff's work on Pinterest today…it made my heart be still in a lot of ways…
His work is wonderful! This is just a sampling…the rest will come later….

For now, just be still and enjoy….

I had never considered anything like this to be "Still Life" before I saw his website…

There is a lot to appreciate about being still…

Just like this clock above…making time and life be still is so necessary at certain times in life!

That stage for me is NOW….

I can take a bath and pretend…..

Or maybe I can talk Jim into taking me here….very, very, soon!!!

I'm hoping and praying for a still, calm week…we shall see!! Holly and Brad move out of our house this week and back to New Orleans after a month's stay so we will truly be 'Empty Nesters'..
"Wonder what that's like?" 
I will keep you posted!
I hope you have a wonderful Monday and enjoy a still week….


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  2. love this post! I think being still is something a lot of us need to work on!:)

  3. Great photographs. The balance of light and color really sets the whole thing off. On another note, that long rectangular sink is fantastic. I just did a post on sinks last weeka and that would have been another good option. Have a great day! - Tonya

  4. I think you will enjoy being empty nesters.
    I am hard to impress with photography, but I am overly impressed with his work. Stunning and perfect.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Monday.

  5. Beautiful photos, Carolyn. Thanks for the introduction.
    Hope you have a great week, changes and all - sending best wishes your way!

  6. Just gorgeous images!! It's hard for me to be still after viewing all of that yummy food. I think I need to go to the fridge. Long day in court and I just realized I haven't eaten a thing!! xo

  7. Fabulous photographer, Carolyn! I am an amateur photographer, but I'm really enjoying the art of photography....practice, practice, practice :) Hope Holly and Brad have a good trip back home.

  8. OK Never ever did I want to be a brownie ala mode as badly as I want to be one I would even take being a fiddlehead! What stunning pictures...they make me feel calmer just LOOKING at them. Then I scrolled to the last..hello new screensaver:) At least until I can convince MY husband to take me away:)

  9. What a wonderful photograher love all the images. Food is so hard to get a good picture of, I know I've messed up every single picture I've ever taken of food. I hope you enjoy your down time and space!


  10. Dearest Carolyn,

    You are so right. Being still is not an easy thing to do, especially these days when there are so many voices suggesting to us that we NEED this, NEED that and in order to get it, we need to rush through life making a living, but loosing the art of living in the process. These are stunning photos and a good photographer with a good camera, is like a poet.....he/she stops time and focuses on an object that we would otherwise pass.

    Your visit and COMMENTS are a delight to read. It does mean a great deal to each of us to know that our efforts in putting together a post are celebrated by others, for whatever reason. I aim to speak to the human heart and if my words and music and photo choices spoke to you, I then did my task.

    KENNY RANKIN was a great jazz singer that was HUGE when my husband and I were going out in the early 80s. Kenny Rankin was one of the very few artists that could take a Beatle's song and make it just as magical or dare I say, BETTER....he is sorely missed since he died of lung cancer in the early 2000s.

    Thank you again. Have a creative day! Anita

  11. I hope you are happy being empty nesters - i know it can be a big change. I truly enjoyed this post, and the message of t!

  12. I'm with you Carolyn.. have difficultly holding still and what's it going to be like being an empty nester. It seems we are in over-drive and then everything is suddenly quiet. I am thankful for good health, and kids that seem to be growing up to be functioning, well adjusted, happy adults. I guess that's the goal right? I've so enjoyed your blog and I'm always glad when you stop by to say hello!

    1. Leslie…you hit the nail on the head! Thanks for always taking the time to comment…even on my personal blog! I truly appreciate it! Wish we lived nearby! We would be good friends!