Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday's What If's…What If I Could Escape To My Cabin In The Woods?

Little Cabin in the Woods

Little man by the window stood.
Saw a rabbit hopping by,
Knocking at his door.
“Help me, help me help me,” he said,
“Lest the hunter shoot me dead.”
Little rabbit come inside,
Safely to abide.
We all remember this song from our childhood…not sure if it was a "good" song or a "bad" song…not sure of a lot anymore…what I am VERY sure of though is this…If someone gave me a cabin in the woods…even for a weekend getaway…I would take it! Especially if it happened to be Toad Hall and the designer was Suzanne KaslerI would run screaming for it and never look back…I can actually see myself running…. 
Is that more scary than the song itself? If you knew me, you would probably be screaming...YES!!!
So, Welcome to my "What If" Cabin In The Woods….and more wonderful photography by Jeff Herr.

 Upon entering the front door….

Or even through one of many side doors

There are many places you may find me in this beautiful cabin!

I might just be in my glorious dining room….

Or on my porch preparing for my guests...

Or checking the lighting and fluffing the pillows in my den…
( I really do this every night….I think something is wrong with me!)

Or maybe, if the mood is just right….cooking in this wonderful kitchen…in my cabin in the woods!

And, why wouldn't I be? I have these glorious china cabinets full of everything I would ever need for entertaining!

I might just invite you to stay a while and be my guest for the weekend! I would say, "Please enjoy any one of these beautiful bedrooms!"

You can even bring your children….(If they're well behaved that is!)

There would be so much for them to do! So much freedom to enjoy the land around us! 

Whether it be at Toad Hall in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee…

Or in a beautiful cabin in your neck of the woods!

When the day is done….I will be sneaking out of a door like this one ….past a wonderful back hallway where no one will notice… (truthfully, I do that a lot in my home….my real home!) And I will be slipping outside to enjoy the surroundings…the stillness of the night or the cool air coming in like a fresh breeze….No matter what's been going on during the day…I need this time to be alone and savor each moment…each smell, each sound….

I mean, can you blame me? Who wouldn't want to enjoy this luxurious setting?

No matter where it is located!

It would definitely be just another day in paradise….
Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday… obviously, I'm wishing I was at a cabin in the woods…Hmmm…Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that that is exactly where Pattie has gone this week! To her cabin in the woods of Highlands, North Carolina! So glad she got to get away! Holly and I are holding down the fort while she and Ellen are both away!
Enjoy the rest of your week!
We are certainly loving this wonderful cool air that has just swept into Alabama…hope it stays for at least a few days!


  1. All great pictures, but two stood out to me. That first picture is exactly how I imagine my little cabin in the woods. The other picture that looks great is the covered patio with firepace and single barn door. That open area would be great for any home.

  2. Oh, I would LOVE to have a cabin in the woods or mountain home. Especially this time of year with the changing colors in nature. And a wonderful big fire going at night when it is chilly.
    Thanks for all the inspirations, Carolyn!

  3. I would love to have a cabin in the mountains, and I will have cedar walls in my next house!
    Beautiful post, Carolyn.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. Hi Carolyn, I'm loving your what if cabin!!! Wonderful pictures and inspiration.
    have a beautiful day,

  5. Hi Carolyn, What a gorgeous place. The interiors look so cozy and welcoming, and the exteriors spaces are so elegant. I would be very happy there.

  6. Carolyn, I love this series, and this is far and away my favorite one! These spaces are AMAZING! Thanks for giving me a nice break in my day!

  7. LOVE this. Ahhhh what a fabulous escape it would be.....I dream about having a small place in the country next to a babbling brook where time stands still just a little longer and we get back to the simple pleasures in can dream!

  8. WOW! A cozy but elegant and sophisticated cabin. Would love to stay here awhile...

  9. Please put me on your guest list. I need a break and this looks like the perfect escape. I don't really want to bring my children - they are the reason I need a break :) x Sharon

  10. It sounds wonderful! A perfect place to get away.

  11. Gorgeous. I'd love to escape with you - although I probably wouldn't return! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! xo

  12. I am nearly finished building my cabin in 58 acres of forest in Charlottesville Virginia. The logs for the structure came from the place as did the stone for the foundation and fireplace. When I go there it is heave, quiet, beautiful and I am queen of the kingdom. Ann

  13. I am beyond obsessed with all of the gorgeous images - dreaming of my mountain cabin now. Love the kitchen and the first bedroom...fabulous!!