Friday, September 7, 2012

I Need A Fun Friday Post…How About You?

At the end of last week my sweet friend that is a photo stylist for Hoffman Media presented me with this beautiful 'coffee table' style book because we are frequently asked to let them "borrow" items from my shop for their photo shoots. Of course, we are happy to oblige them!
 ( It's also a great way to get "free" advertising!)

I loved having our creamware cake platter and basket weave plates on their cover! What an honor!
I didn't even know they were publishing this book…my other one that I still use all of the time is probably 20 years old at least!

This is the beautiful new magazine they have recently launched and they borrowed this lovely Turkey from us last year. It was fun to see it again as I truly do forget what we carry from one season to the next!

Then, as if the first lovely gift wasn't enough, I received this one just yesterday from her! Two beautiful books in less than a week! I guess I should have been suspicious! But I wasn't! I was grateful and so excited about having something new and fun to read when I got home! And I certainly was not disappointed! These are definitely keepers and books that I will refer to often for ideas!
How exciting!

It's always fun to see the items you care so much about in publication…for other's to see…for other's to want as well to help with their home decorating ideas, etc…It's almost a completion of the whole process that going to market involves! It lets you know that you aren't crazy! You aren't the only one that likes those candlesticks or those antique plates! All of those were "borrowed" from our shop.

It lets you know that other people also envisioned that lovely Creamware bowl with a gorgeous salad in it at Thanksgiving or Christmas just like I did! 

It makes you wonder if they pictured this red and white antique transferware vegetable dish with rice in it as well? Or was I the only crazy one?

Or  better yet…"They pictured brussel sprouts in my prized piece of Mulberry Transferware? 
Just like I did?" I'm not that crazy after all!

Although I was aware of the wonderful Cottage Living magazine, I had no idea they were also making these two fabulous cookbooks and entertaining books! The recipes look amazing as well as the holiday decorating ideas! It is definitely something you will want to check out!
Hmmm….wonder what I will receive after letting them borrow my  house for two days next week for their Winter issue? 
Like I said earlier, I guess I should have been a little suspicious! 
This should be really, really good!
We shall see!
Luckily, I love them and love, love, love Yuki McClean…the stylist! Have a great weekend! 
We are trying our best to relax at the beach! Thanks for all of your sweet comments and thoughts! 
I certainly appreciate them!


  1. Hi Carolyn, clearly your shop is a treasure trove. Wish I could visit in person! Looking forward to seeing photos of your house, hint, hint...
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Such a nice gesture from such a lovely company. Victoria is my favorite all time magazine to read. Love Southern Lady and Tea Time so much too.
    Happy Friday, and have fun at the beach.

  3. One of my new favorite things are coffee table books with stones or shells on to stack them! AND look at them!

  4. I am trying to collect more coffee table books. There are so many great ones out. Its hard to choose where to start....

  5. What a great way to wake up! Your post is true country french eye candy! All the best...

  6. They are a class act all the way. Seeing these magazines and the magnificent pictures makes me excited about fall, entertaining and cooking all kinds of wonderful comfort foods. Just gorgeous!! Phylllis and her crew are extremely generous and great at what they happy to see them featured here.

  7. What a lovely post.. I can see why they would want to borrow things from your shop. I would like to borrow things from your shop, so I can definitely relate! I'm still obsessing over your shop as you can see.. I have to much going on right now to think about creamware, but that's what I wish I was spending time on right now.. a creamware collection!
    Back to volunteer work..
    Have fun at the beach,

  8. I'm laughing at Jan's comment - just what I wanted to say! Nothing better than a great new photo book!

  9. The candlesticks and cakeware are divine! What a great way to show off your products! I will definitely check these books out to get new ideas for holiday hosting.