Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What If...

...You Could Take the Day Off.

I mean really take if off.

What if Carolyn could wake up this morning and take the day off- no shop, no family, no blog, and no to do list? Sounds like exactly what she deserves!

Ok, so I know this isn't exactly the normal What-If-Wednesday you've all grown to love, but as I sit here eating my roommates homemade chicken salad (no judgement- I know its 12:19am) , I just thought Carolyn deserved to wake up to a happy.

Now, lets see if she could at least try to take a day off.  I doubt it, but a girl can hope!

What about you?  What would you do on a true day off?  I'd probably take Saks by storm, but hey, thats just me...

Waiting for the next holiday, 


  1. Even though I worked 17 hours on Labor Day that was so much fun for me. I was shopping for antique textiles for my business and to me any time I get off our property for a fun day like that is a day off to me.

    Takes for making me think about a day off!

  2. Thank you, Ellen! You are amazing and I hope you are feeling better! I couldn't have made it through yesterday without you! Have fun at the beach! I promise I won't be stalking you while you are here! Nothing worse than running into your boss at the beach! LOL!

  3. Carolyn, I hope you take a few days off!! Everyone needs it once in a while!

  4. Ha ha, I'm laughing because we are in Maine on holiday, and I'm reading blogs :) Actually I find it very relaxing and fun. I'm enjoying my days off here....Maine is wonderful....fantastic weather. Eating lots of lobstah!! And antiquing!! Take care, Carolyn!