Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another New Artist At Mulberry Heights Antiques

Labor Day meant a day off for us at Mulberry Heights Antiques…However, that all changed when I got an email from Lauren Dunn that she was bringing her art to us even though her beach trip was cancelled thanks to Hurricane Isaac, I was thrilled! 
We've been blessed to carry Emily Ozier's art as our featured artist but now we are carrying Lauren's as well and also talking to another lady and I can't wait to finally have several artists in the house! Receiving new art of any kind is always fun and is always a reason to celebrate!

 I felt like I was at an art show when I walked into my shop today!

 It was so much fun to see the new art work and see how well it mixes with Emily's fabulous art! 

 To see Lauren's work and to know how well it only compliment's Emily's art made my heart glad…and that's a very good thing! Besides the fact that both of their artwork makes Mulberry's antique pieces look that much better!

Proverbs 15:13
A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken.

I'm truly hoping that having several artists in our shop will only benefit them all…as well as create a wonderful "following" just as having other antique shops open up on both sides of my own shop have only created better traffic flow for me….my goal is to promote the art I love, enrich the beauty of my shop along with my antiques and by all means make Mountain Brook Village a "destination shopping experience" because of  ALL that we offer! Whether it be with art, gifts or antiques…we want to promote our Village and make shopping with us a truly wonderful experience! All the way around!

I really do hope your weekend was wonderful! Mine was really nice….it was a lot of selfish Alone Time which was fabulous…and you can see that here! But truly, I'm looking really forward to my alone time with Jim at our beach house starting in just a few days….


  1. Absolutely in love with this artist!! Favorite stuff I have seen in a long time. Can not wait to come see it in person!! Congrats on the new addition, I know she is going to love working with you guys!!

  2. Love this art, and it does compliment Emily's work. Look forward to seeing more. I know that it will be great.
    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Hi, Carolyn -
    Wonderful paintings!! The floral still life paintings are my favorites. They are pretty but not overly sweet. I love the first painting....fabulous composition and colors. Congrats on the new art at your shop. Hope they do very well. And I hope your autumn inventory is all ready to go.
    Take care!

  4. Carolyn, I'm in love with this artist! I am also in love with your store! I've been calling about the creamware, and I'm so embarrassed - I didn't even realize this was you! I appreciate all your comments so much and recognized your name as soon as I saw it!
    I have spent the last hour or so on your beautiful blog and website and I'm having the best time and I'm about to get in big trouble!
    I have to find a place to put a creamware collection!! I'm in love!

  5. So pretty!! I love her technique and colors...so beautiful. It is exciting to carry something you really love and are thrilled to carry, isn't it. And I can see you found a winner.......hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend!

  6. What a great idea for your shop...and I love her work too...Love the textures and colors. I'm an art collector so always love to find new artists...

  7. Lovely paintings! What fun to be surrounded by so much beauty on a daily basis. Hope your trip to the beach is relaxing and restorative.

  8. isn't it cool!!!
    you were at an art show in your shop.
    i love the style of the paintings