Friday, August 31, 2012

There's Somethin Bout A Clutch!

It's so much fun to have something new and exciting to post about! I actually had an entirely different post ready and then my best friend sent me this text…..
"Hey, check out my new website to see what Leigh Ann and I are doing!"
Well, that will change your day for sure!! Just look at this amazing new website with their beautiful and original one of a kind creations! 

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be her…my best friend I mean...people used to think we were sisters even before the two of us met in college! Strange, huh?
We've spent so many years together the memories are beginning to all run together! 
And that's a good thing!

We started a design business together when I was first married and had it for many years until we had children and it got hard to "do it all"! That's when I opened  Mulberry Heights Antiques and she continued to decorate as she could. All the while we still remained best friends and enjoyed many a day near this beautiful red barn! 
I hung out near this barn until my children were pretty much grown….now our son's are living together in their first apartment in college…just like we always dreamed they would be! They've been best friends since birth pretty much….so imagine my surprise when Sharon texted me yesterday and told me to go to her new website and look at the business she and her precious sister in law have started! I was shocked! (sort of!)
  She had told me several months ago that she was feeling the urge to do something new! Her kids were older and she had time….and she also has an extreme dose of incredible talent in my opinion! Time and Talent! That's all it takes! Just look at this fabulous new business Sharon and Leigh Ann have started! I'm drooling over it! Now this big red barn is the new home of! Pretty exciting, huh?

Take a look at these beautiful leather "clutch's"

As well as the ipad cases and laptop cases….it will only make you want one of everything! I can promise you that!

And by the way…I haven't met this cutie yet! I will have to ask her about him!

And I definitely need to inquire about these two gorgeous pieces! They are two of my favorites!

But I'm not too worried about these two guys! I have a feeling they have DEFINITELY left the building!
Check back soon to find out just how big this beautiful business is going to be! 
You can always find their incredible designs right here at

Much love,


  1. What a beautiful story about friendship...and those clutches are SO cool!!! They speak to my inner Texan and I know that these will fly off the shelves and via their website!

    Please do keep us posted on the business. I predict BIG things for them!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. I've already been over to their website and I love the clutches! What a great idea for a stylish bag for your ipad. Love them!


  3. What a great post, Carolyn! These clutches are a real work of art! Wouldn't these be fabulous for fall! I love the PROSPERITY CLUTCH... sadly it was sold. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  4. Will have to visit, Carolyn. Nothing more beautiful than a good leather piece!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. interesting idea!!!

    i like the numbered clutches best.
    btw, she might want to put a glass garage door on the red barn so that people can look in-
    leave the lights on at night.
    people will drive up to look inside.


  6. Carolyn, These are gorgeous! Love all the leather and I will pop over to the website.