Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday's What If Post….What If Prince Charming Was Really Barry Dixon?

Ok….Here goes…
I've held back on this one for a long while…and now, with fear and trembling I will tred lightly! I'm always so nervous when I write anything about anyone that I remotely think I know! And I don't really know Barry!  I love knowing that we are friends on Facebook and that we are both from Memphis and that we were both born in 1964! But that's really about as far as it goes! At least in his mind! I am quite sure of that!

( do you think those flowers are for me? )
Oh, sure…I'm like the rest of you…I've stalked him from afar! I've loved his work for so long I can't even remember not knowing his name!
Just look at his lovely home! Who hasn't stalked this or sought out pictures in any publication we can get our hands on?
I've certainly enjoyed his books on interiors and seeing people pin his work on Pinterest!
I actually discovered that he designed this beautiful bedroom and I was stunned! Only because it's almost identical to how I did our bedroom when we built our house. That's been 14 years ago for me! He's moved on and I wonder if I haven't! I wonder if he still likes this? I haven't changed anything! 
His work certainly speaks for itself!
Always has and Always will!
Just as he does! I love his impeccable taste even in his clothes! Always  put together just right!

I stumbled on a few of them while trying to do my last week's 'What If' post about my sweet daughter's new Yellow Kitchen…you can see it HERE if you care to! When Barry's work came up a lot while I was working on it I was once again reassured that I was on the right track! I mean seriously, I would trust him with my whole house! I wish I could hire him right now! 
I'm hoping that one day soon he will show up just to say "Hi!"
 ( no pressure, Barry! )

I must say that this runner is one of my most favorite pictures! We are currently trying to find two different area rugs for my daughter's house in New Orleans…hmmmm….
( I think we should be worrying about safety from hurricane Isaac at the moment instead!)

His bookcase designs are a huge inspiration to me with my shop…we are constantly trying to update them and make our merchandise appealing. The items on the shelves in the shop are items I would have and actually do have in my own home!
And the same goes with our art on the wall and prints that we sell!
It's truly about conveying a love of all things beautiful and necessary to create a home that you would live in and enjoy yourself!
It's all about how you could live with it on a day in and day out basis.
I have to be willing to love and live with yellow…and everything else that I tell you is wonderful! I have to believe it! And of course, I do! 
If I believe in a fairy tale…then I have to be willing to live with the outcome!
Does Prince Charming live or die? Does he bring me roses? Does he ride up on a chariot? What?
And Sometimes….I really do allow myself to believe in fairytales!
Just as this kitchen was modeled after one of my favorites!
You know the one, " Old King Cole was a merry old sole and a merry old sole was he!
( maybe that was really a nursery rhyme?)
It's still a beautiful home!

Yes, even that fairy tale is a beautiful rendition of Barry's work and how a beautiful home can be born through the love of fairy tales and dreams!
If I had any one of these beautiful bathroom that he designed I would feel like I was in a fairy tale for sure!

The hard work, the thought, the effort, the time spent in dreaming up these fairy tales for you and me….

Is most certainly worth it when we get to experience the fruits of his labor…when we get to pin our dream homes and share pictures with friends and sometimes, if we are real, real, lucky….

We might just get to experience that dream or that fairy tale ourselves!!

Barry's words ring so true from this article that I found earlier today….

  I will end with this beauty…I used to dream about living here and staring out at the water!
Now I can dream of his home pictured above thanks to Traditional Home! You can view the whole article HERE!
Perhaps I will even dream of meeting Prince Charming, aka Barry Dixon one day! I am looking very forward to seeing his home in the new book we will carry this spring, Designer's At Home. I hope your week is going well so far. I am thankful that my daughter is here with me but we are thinking about her new home town and hoping that not too much is destroyed in the path of hurricane Isaac. It's hard for her as she thinks of the people that she loves that are still there. Our hearts and prayers are with them. 


  1. What a fabulous post!! I too am a big Barry fan, and think he has exceptional style and taste, have long admired his rooms and homes that hes designed/decorated, have his book and many a picture saved courtesy of this brilliant man.
    What a great post and tribute to all he has done! Thanks for putting it together, its a definite keeper!!

  2. So many beautiful rooms here. I have to back through for another look.

  3. So many wonderful pictures. He is very talented!

  4. He's simply brilliant. You should send him this post - I'm sure he'd be flattered! xo

  5. Amazing post. I LOVE that runner! And the gallery wall. Everything is to drool over!

  6. Barry Dixon is one of my all time favorite designers! His room in the Chevy Chase DC Design Showhouse was phenomenal! Beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated! Everywhere you looked, there were unusual and gorgeous furniture, antiques, accessories and textiles.
    So glad your daughter is with you and out of Isaac's path. You all take care!

  7. Gorgeous, classic and perfect in everyway - definitely a fairy tale!!

  8. what a comprehensive post!!!
    i love him too!

    the orange truck was the coolest .


  9. He's fabulous...really love that fun runner...and his luxurious bathrooms.

  10. I love his use of yellow in all of these examples. From pastel, to vibrant, to mustard, he incorporates them all into each space in perfect doses where it is both stimulating and fresh but not overwhelming. I also love the bed with the panels that hang at the ceiling and gather at the floor---dramatic yet soft and romantic. Thanks Carolyn...Hope your Labor Day was fantastic!