Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday's What If's! With Beth Webb!

I realize that there have been numerous posts on Beth Webb recently…I also know that I love her taste and her style so much I just wanted to share a few of my own favorites with  you on this Wednesday's What If post! I can't imagine if I could say, "What if I met Beth Webb? Or, what if I could hire Beth Webb just for a day to pick her brain and finish all of the projects I've put off in my own home!"

You see….I love her philosophy and her style! I've always said and you can document this…"That every room should have a touch of black in it!" And Beth says the same thing!
And that statement is evidenced in just about every room that I've seen so far!

I'm loving the black panes on the windows as well as the fabulous "pop"of red in this particular room!

While studying her portfolio I discovered she has a love for creamware, pewter, and SHOES!!! What's not to love about Beth Webb?

I am truly in love with this kitchen! I mean everything about it! Look at those pewter chargers and those creamware pitchers!

(and just look at this gorgeous pic I found on Pinterest! Taken from John Saladino and Veranda)

And I love Beth's impeccable style in clothing! Even the touch of black carries over in her wardrobe! 
Don't we all have a touch of black in there somewhere? Most of my most favorite outfits involve the color black in some form or fashion!

When I first saw the pictures of this beautiful bathroom I could only think of the wonderful addition my son just did to his own own…My sweet daughter in law helped in many ways and together they created a master bathroom that rivals even this one!

I know Beth would love it just as much as I do! 

Shameless Plug, I know!! And I wish you could see their entire bedroom and bath…
( sometimes you just have to be a proud mother!)

It's the elegantly understated details that draw me in to Beth's work most of all!

It's the impact of these windows,

The striking exteriors that take my breath away at times….

The way they blend effortlessly in with the "grounds" surrounding the homes...

It's all that and so much more!

It's gorgeous, workable, livable kitchens!

It's family rooms and living rooms that invite memories to be made!

It's beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms!

It's even a few "dressing rooms" or closets that make us swoon!

In the end, though….it's all of the beautiful elements and efforts that Beth puts into designing her rooms and the homes for her clients that tell the real story. 

 It's all of those elements wrapped into one lady that embody the qualities of a designer that we all know and love! I for one am looking very forward to seeing a lot more of her work as well as going back and reviewing some of those in past publications! I'm loving seeing this in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles and I'm hoping to get a few tips on decorating for the holidays as well!

I feel quite certain that I won't be sorry! I know in my heart that I will always love Beth Webb's impeccable taste and her definitive style!
And as only Beth can say…

"IN THE END, IT'S ALL ABOUT...Loving what you do!"

Happy Wednesday! I'm off to the beach with my family for a long weekend…one that I will treasure as it's the last weekend before our youngest heads off to college for the first time and our daughter and her husband will make a permanent move to New Orleans….EXPECT some really good blogs in the near future! 
Much love,


  1. Everything is so amazing I dont know where to start. I like so many of these images. I relly like the exteriors and that closet is amazing.

  2. Gorgeous interiors. She's got great style, both personally and in decorating! And I love your son and daughter-in-law's bathroom. Nicely done!

    All best,

  3. Wow you aren't kidding! She is one talented and very stylish lady indeed! I recognize that Greenwich home and remember being "wowed"....and have always loved loved loved that last picture of the outdoor space, the colors, the chairs, the scale...its all perfect. What an awesome post on Beth Webb...really enjoyed this (as I enjoy all of your posts). Have a fabulous day:)

  4. There is just SO much to love here. Well, everything really! I can't imagine meeting her - I'd be too intimidated to even talk I think!!

  5. Hi, Carolyn -
    I agree with Stacy: so much to love!! Very sophisticated, stylish and warm interiors. Your son and daughter in law's master bath is fabulous, Carolyn. Would love to see the rest of the room and bedroom :-) A future post?

  6. I love Beth's work. Her taste is impeccable.
    Have a fun at the beach. I know exactly how you feel.
    Happy Wednesday.

  7. oh my...I can hardly wait to get to my ipad and download some of these (many of these) images. They are wonderful!

  8. What absolutely beautiful rooms she creates! And your son's bathroom remodel is lovely. x Sharon

  9. Truly beautiful images! You are right, she does have great clothes and style!

  10. I am obsessed with her design style and wanted her clothes too!! The touch of black in each space adds depth and grounding to the room...LOVE her style ~

  11. gorgeous spaces and I'm dying over the monogrammed pillows. Just discovered your blog and love your style! Would love if you followed me back...I'm hosting a Pink Pagoda iPhone giveaway currently!

  12. Wow, she is one talented lady. Love her style.