Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday's! There's Always Another One Coming Around!

No matter what we've been doing over the weekend…Monday's  don't show much favoritism! They are always there…always waiting for us! 
In some ways I guess it's reassuring, though!

As much fun as I've had with my family at the beach over the weekend, I'm honestly looking forward to seeing what awaits me! Pattie texted me this picture of the books that came in while I was away and yes, there is ONE copy of Rooms To Inspire by the Sea….all for me!
 ( it never hurts to get yourself a little happy when ordering for the shop…at least that's what I say!)

It was hard to leave this morning…but I know there is much to do at home!

There are so many other things that await my return…number one on my list is helping  my son pack up to head off to Auburn for college!
As well as helping my daughter and her husband pack up to move for good to New Orleans….hmmmm!!
Then there are the not so pressing and yet important issues...
Like decorating the shop for fall! We just received this copy of Cottage Journal right before I left showing our 'turkey' that they used in the photo shoot. I can't believe it's really that time of year again, but it is! There is always another one just around the corner it seems!

We will be putting out lots of fun decorations for use in your fall tablescapes. A lot of them mix quite well with our antique brown and white transferware as well as our creamware!

And then, before you know it I will be putting out more decorations at home….which is always hard to get excited about when you've had them out since the end of August at the shop!

And then changing everything up to get ready for Christmas! 

Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
I know for certain that somewhere in between I will be longing for my quiet place at the beach to reflect on it all and wish that I had enjoyed it! I don't want to have any regrets! Because when all is said and done…life will still be here and still be moving right along…and once it settles down….

I might just have some time to enjoy this precious little angel!

And in the end, it really is about enjoying each of life's "pressing" issues, isn't it! Because once those things are dealt with you get to soak in all of life's blessing! Hope you've had a great start to your week and that you've enjoyed your Monday!


  1. Carolyn my dear! Oh the favorite place to be, next to being in my husband's arms on the couch, watching a movie after a hard day's work.

    LOVELY INTERIORS; I cannot believe we will be thinking about fall soon!!

    Thank you so much for your visit. Have a great day! Anita

  2. I am needing a copy of that book right now...looks like great inspiration! Your shop is beautiful - so hard to believe that Thanksgiving could be around the corner...could your daughter be any more the picture!

    1. The book really is wonderful! It was hard for me to leave it at the beach! Also, you are so sweet and I wish she was my daughter…but it's even better….she is my precious granddaughter and that makes it all the more fun to brag on her!

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    A lot of excitement on your horizon! I love Annie Kelly's books, Rooms to Inspire by the Sea looks great, and I suggest you keep a copy handy for that moment you finally have a little quiet time - whenever that might be!


  4. So many beautiful things happening over there...all great things. Love coming home to new goodies and great new design books..never gets old:) LOVE your store and your taste, you are right we do think alike:) I am dying to see the pic of the silk stripe that you think we both have the same of, my bathroom drapes are currently being will share on my blog when they are all done..cannot wait!!
    Cannot wait to see your beautiful shop all done up for the holidays!!!! Exciting things happening with your kids too, so much to be happy about!

  5. I will be thinking about y'all this week. Ho time flies.
    Beautiful inspiration, Carolyn.

  6. Hi, Carolyn -
    Just think how often you'll get to visit your daughter and son-in-law in New Orleans! All the restaurants, shops and antiques! :-) Yes, time to start thinking about fall.....quite difficult as it is still so hot. But we retailers gotta do it. Love the new books in the shop. I spy Suzanne Rheinstein's of my favorites!