Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday's What If's…And The Grand Prize Goes To…..

"What If It Went To My Sister?"

If ever I had a "What If" post for you it is this one…
I don't know how many of you remember that I started my 'Wednesday's What If ' posts because of my sweet sister and her witty ways but I can assure you this one takes the prize!

The GRAND prize if you will!!!
I am starting this post off by saying "What If my very own sister won the award for best children's clothing designer in the Belk's Southern Designer Showcase"? After being in the first round of the competition she was called and asked to come back to Charlotte, NC because she and her company had made it to the final round! And guess what? She WON!

It would be just like her to do that!!  I'm so very proud of her and excited for her company, Hannah Kate! She has worked so hard and it has done so well but this is just like icing on the cake so to speak! I just knew I had to post this when she began telling the whole story to me as I was sitting on my beach chair!

I really was enjoying just talking to my sister and finally getting to catch up on life because we are both entirely too busy….I will admit I was half way paying attention simply because of the beach thing…you know, the waves, the sun, the water….

Not a care in the world….my toes in the sand, that kind of thing!

And yes, even some goofy beach pics!

When all of a sudden it hit me….I have a fabulous blog post now because YOU, my dear sister are the reason I started this anyway!

If truth be told, my attention was immediately grabbed as I was half crying and half listening to her because I was so happy for her when all of a sudden my ears perked up and I heard her utter these words, "We were all driven in a Hummer Limo and a young girl said, Don't look behind you or you won't want to get out!" "There is the carpet rolled out, the media, the crowds, etc…"

 Of course, Andrea said…to ALL of them in the Limo, "What if we didn't get out?!?" And she says they all died out laughing which I am quite positive that they did and she still said, "No, I'm serious! What if we just sat here!" 

Only my precious, full of life and giving you everything she has to give sister could make an entire Hummer Limo full of Belk's Southern Designer Showcase winners fall into a bout of laughter as they were about to be whisked off onto the "blue carpet" and into a media frenzy!

( yes, it's the Blue Carpet and not Red Carpet for Belk's signature color )

As the confetti fell Andrea said it all began to sink in…the surreal became real and she heard the announcer say that ALL of them had won in their particular category even though they had been lured back to Charlotte for a second time thinking it was still part of the competition! In my humble opinion…this would've made for a very good reality tv show!! We would've thrived on it!!

We would've loved her designs and would've commented on how cute they were and how precious the models were

We would've all agreed that Emily is such a big help to her and that she has a great team behind her!

We would've all agreed that Andrea's talent and determination have gotten her this far! Her spirit shines through in every single piece of clothing she designs…even in all 14 thousand pieces she has to make by February for the exclusive Belk line….

But the most important reality of all would definitely be  that my sister has what it takes to win…and win big! 

If you want to see more of Belk's winners you can check it out here
I'm sure there are a lot of other blogs, etc to find it on as well.
On a side note…I often worry about a lot of the designers that I choose to do my Wednesday What If posts on and if they will or will not like the fact that I write about them…sometimes I put off writing about certain people when I feel like I shouldn't…I never, ever write about anyone that I don't truly admire and wish that I knew better! Or, for that matter… just wish that I knew! Of course in the case of my sister…I am not worried!! I just thought it appropriate that I should say that last Wednesday I chose to write about Beth Webb who is truly one of my all time favorites…I was very shocked and surprised and extremely grateful when I got a personal note from her two days ago "thanking" me for writing about her….I will never forget it! Thank you, Beth for truly being a gracious Southern lady! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness!
Have a wonderful Wednesday and I hope you will all check out my sister's clothing line, Hannah Kate!

All The Best!!


  1. Your sister's clothing line is fabulous. I will have to visit when I have grandchild! Congratulations to her on such a huge accomplishment!
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. Yippee!!!! Hoping to see these wonderful clothes in the Belk in Newnan, GA!!

  3. How exciting!! No wonder you are proud...this is a huge accomplishment, and her clothes are darling. I see the pretty looks and great taste run in the family....congrats to her AND you being the proud sis and all!

  4. Hi, Carolyn -
    That is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C news!! Many congratulations to Andrea! To do something you love and be recognized and honored for it, that is wonderful. What a talented family you are :-)

  5. Amazing... congratulations and what a brilliant achievement... I understand why you are so proud... xv

  6. OMG those are the CUTEST clothes I have EVER seen and she totally deserves it!!! Huge congrats to her!!

  7. You are adorable!! Great blog :) Check us out too! xx,The Golden Girls

  8. Carolyn first let me say what a talented and vivacious family! Congrats to your sister; she has the most darling children's line! Andrea is well on her road to success!!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series featuring Harrison Howard

  9. Congratulation to Andrea!! I love that you dedicated this post to your talented sister, I know the filling tough! There is no other relationship in the world quite like the one share being sisters...and I can relate, I´m so proud of mine! (my sister name is Andrea too, by the way!!!)
    Thank you for your lovely comments in Debby's blog and mine, so sweet of you!

    Big hugs!

  10. Andrea congrats. You should be proud.