Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday's What If's….What If Summer Didn't Have To End?

I was extremely excited to find out about this incredible book that features so many of our favorite designers! So much so that I'm actually hoping to have some sort of a book signing event in the Spring!
We shall see! I don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed but then again, that's life! Hopefully it will happen and I have emailed back and forth with a few of the designers as well as the author. No matter, with summer quickly coming to a close I was enamored with the book as a whole and definitely a few of the homes featured in it! And rightfully so….

At first glance, I didn't catch it. Then, I saw a name that I really didn't know much about, India Hicks. At first, I thought perhaps it was Leta Austin Foster's daughter..I mean, how many India's does one know? I was wrong…and I quickly discovered how much I would grow to love everything about India Hicks….Her home, her style, her island, and her never ending love affair with summer….

This is exactly how I would like to be living right now! Especially since I am a new 'Empty Nester'! What better place than to live on an idyllic island with the love of your life? Our 29th Anniversary is next Sunday for what it's worth! Maybe I should whisper this in Jim's ear….or you can send him a message! Feel free!
Just look at some of her gorgeous furnishings and style…some are her own and some are from the homes that her husband designed to be rented out. 
Yes, you can rent a house here and experience it for yourself!

Sit down, kick off your shoes and stay awhile!

You won't regret it…I promise! It will probably leave you just longing to be on India's island! 

Doesn't the island just call your name when you see pictures like this?

Palm trees, sailboats and pristine white walls….just like the sand on the beach…I'm a sucker for them every time! It doesn't take much to lure me away….just the islands!

India's home is so refreshing and so family oriented…I don't think I would ever leave…not even for groceries!

It makes me wish for my children to be young again! I guess I will just have to enjoy sweet Layton like this! I certainly can handle that!

She's "Queen of the Castle" already!

Ok…back to the topic at hand…Island Living! Don't you just love her bedrooms? I would love to be a guest here! It reminds me so much of Caneel Bay in St. John…our most favorite spot ever so far!

I hope you will check out this incredible book for yourself…I know it's already available on Amazon but we have our order in and are waiting for the day that they arrive and we can add them to our already incredible selection for our customers! It won't be out until April from what I know so far.

And then check out the other designers! I'm so excited that I know some of them from blogs, etc…I know that they are great designers and they are great people as well! People we could all be friends with and relate to! And that's extremely important when picking out a designer that will be intimately involved in designing your home.

You most definitely want them to be someone you can relate to and someone that can steer you in the right direction. Yes, they should listen to what you say about your own lifestyle but they can also lead from experience and help you to avoid many costly mistakes!

Relaxed living is acceptable….

Especially when one lives on an Island!

But when one can hang their hat on experience...

That just makes it so much better!

I could spend a lot of time in any of these gorgeous rooms!

And even more time on one of these lovely porches that dot the property.

A dinner party in the sand among the palm trees sounds pretty good to me!

I keep hearing the same question in my head, " What if I could enjoy a week at this incredible Island retreat?" Who wants to tell Jim first!

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of India's fabulous island style! She is so beautiful and talented…maybe one day I can actually say I've met her! Maybe one day I can say that I stayed at Harbour Island!
Have a fabulous rest of your week!
 We are headed to  The Big Easy!
Much love,


  1. wow I love that island persuasion!

  2. What a life! I vacationed in Harbour Island years ago - it is as fabulous as it looks and the sand really is pink.


  3. La Isla Bonita! I love the arrangements of art and pictures in those rooms. And all the hats :-) Divine carefree style. Congrats on your 29th Anniversary with Jim, Carolyn!!!

  4. Fun post! Take me away to a beautiful island....been a fan of India's for a long time. Actually a friend of mines parents were her neighbor, she is a talented dynamo and how lucky is she to be living FULL time on an exotic island in grand laid back British style? So jealous.....great pictures and fun post that has me daydreaming now about jetting away to a laid back island (especially looking out the window at the horrid rain AGAIN)!

  5. She is so beautiful and I love that house. All the hats, gorgeous!

  6. Hi Carolyn...You're right I need to shop some more for I'm not much of an island girl, I actually like snow, but I could be happy in one of these homes. I used to live in Arizona where it was summer almost year round an there's something to be said for winter...try it you'll love it! India is so pretty isn't she?


  7. Thanks for introducing me to this book. I wasn't aware of it. India has such a relaxed, classic style doesn't she? I could use an island vacation! Maybe I will just have to settle for the book!

  8. Carolyn,

    I've seen bits and pieces of this book and this post made me realize how badly I need it! She's gorgeous, as is her family. There is so much design inspiration throughout the book that, even if you aren't an island girl, you can still get some great ideas. I love the laid back feel combined with the the different styles. Great pictures of her lounging outside and relaxing with her family. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend!

  9. I think a book signing would be so much fun if you could pull it off. Now I want the book. She is one cool chick. She's gorgeous and her home is to die for. I LOVE the office area w/ the big sailboat and the dog under the desk. I like that her home does appear livable. The dog is even on the couch (that is real life people)!! xo

  10. I am going to have to get her book... Love her style and what a gorgeous family.

  11. I want that book, badly! Thank for introducing me with it, Carolyn!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Big hugs!


  12. I love India Hicks, her style, her Bahamian lifestyle, everything!

  13. Love the hints of nautical island chic without going overboard. India's got such elegant taste I can see this home pretty much design's that good, you can imagine it anywhere! Beautiful post!

    Would love to get your thoughts on my most recent hotel renovation when you get a chance! Hope to see you soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  14. I hope you've had a chance by now, since you first posted this, to visit Harbour Island! We've been to HI & Eleuthera (the mainland part of this Bahamian out island) several times now after "accidentally" discovering this out island. It is truly one of our favs now, too, along with St John - largley due to the beaches & natural beauty on both islands. Somehow, though, there is an unmatched vibe to HI & Eluthera, not only because of the beaches (which you really have to see to believe, & we've been to Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Andgada & have an appreciation for all of them), but also the gracious, authentically welcoming people who live there. Anyhow, here is a link to Eleuthera info as well that I think best captures the feel: