Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday's What If's….What if I lived in New Orleans….

So, today for the Fourth of July we are in New Orleans visiting my daughter and her husband.
 We will watch the fun fireworks tonight on the Riverwalk and eat to our hearts content before, during and after!
Naturally my thoughts begin to wander to things like all of my favorite spots in this wonderful city like our favorite restaurants, favorite places to shop, favorite places to sight see, etc….
But now they begin to turn to thoughts like this…What if my children end up living here permanently?Where will they live? Where would I live if we lived here as well and what is my favorite style of architecture or design that reflects New Orleans at it's finest?
Would I like the closeness and the bright colors in the French Quarter?
Would I like to have more of a park like setting in Uptown?
Would I love exploring a home that has been left in it's original state and possibly take on the task of renovating?
I would certainly dream of living in a gorgeous New Orleans mansion for sure!
I know I wouldn't have a problem deciding where to eat! I would hit them all! All of my favorites that we've come to know and love through our many visits here to see our children.
You just can't beat Parkway's po-boys!

Or Commander's Palace's famous Turtle Soup!

Or coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde!

And I might just "camp out" at Mr. B's for their unbelievable Barbecue Shrimp!
But the real question is…"What if I lived here? What if I could choose a designer to help me with my New Orleans home, who would it be? What if I could choose anyone….for this job, what if I could choose Suzanne Rheinstein? She grew up in this city and certainly her designs reflect the beauty she was surrounded by while growing up here!
I think we would get along just fine! Recently I saw her favorite things list…things she says she can't live without, I knew then that my "What If" issue was solved!
We share the same love of our favorite flowers! Like this gorgeous Chartreuse Hellebore!

And even one of my favorite magazines is on her "must have" list!

And the same goes for these fabulous ham and cheese biscuits from Callie's biscuits!
And a beautiful antique french chair from another favorite of mine…Mary Helen McCoy who used to have a gorgeous shop right down the street from my own antique shop! Suzanne is definitely a girl after my own heart with not only her list of "must haves" but also for the fact that her interior design work is amazing…take a look for yourself!

This is certainly something I want to remember…"Have fewer things, but better things!"

I'm so glad we even carry her books at my shop!

As you can tell, Suzanne's designs definitely show influences from the city she was born in. That upbringing has grown to encompass her love for all things beautiful as evidenced in the shop she opened in Los Angeles call Hollyhock.  She once answered a question in the 
All The Best Blog which you can see here that pretty much sums it all up!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing just a sampling of Suzanne Rheinstein"s incredible interior design work. 
Have a wonderful Fourth of July today and I know that while I'm walking this city I will dream not only of food…but also my "What If" I really could choose Suzanne to help me with a home here! 
It sure would be fun!


  1. Have fun in beautiful New Orleans! Stay cool!

  2. Gorgeous post, Carolyn. Happy 4th!

  3. Sounds like a good time!

    Have fun,

  4. Hi, Carolyn - I have never been to New Orleans, so bookmarking this post for future trip reference. Thank you for featuring Suzanne Rheinstein. Definitely one of my favorite designers! Her interiors are always gracious, elegant and refined! And, timeless!! I love her work.
    Enjoy the 4th and your family!

  5. Her work is gorgeous. Sounds like you had a really fun 4th of July planned. I've never visited New Orleans but it just seems so alive and I imagine there is an excitement in the air. One of these days I'll make it down there! xo

  6. NOLA is one of my favorite towns on the planet. Everywhere you go is a celebration--even Katrina couldn't stop that wonderful spirit. I would live there in a heart-beat!

    And now I will be dreaming about it for the rest of the day...Have a wonderful time!!!

  7. What a spectacular post!!!!!!! You certainly highlighted some of the incredible things that are quintessentially New Orleans..what a special city and lets not even begin to talk about the food......seriously THE BEST!!!!!!!! OMG I could gain 20 pounds in a month easily there, no controlling me! I am so thrilled to see the spirit and fight of the proud New Orlenians fighting onto restore this grand dame of a city, its truly one of nations gems.
    You would be in great hands with Suzanne Rheinstein, love her style.......southern and elegant but functional and always so inviting. Glad you are getting some quality family time in such a great place!

  8. oh my Lord I love New of my top 5 favorite cities!

  9. What a fun inspiration for a post! I would love the romance of NOLA - not to mention the architecture - but I don't think my waistline could survive my love of the foods that you show's irresistable. I think it's best if I only visit. :) Sounds like you have the perfect combination by getting to visit often!