Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday's What If Post…What If I Could Just Move Right In?

Leave it to Little Rock's designer, Debi Davis to show us a gem of a house! 
This is truly stunning and I personally could move right in without changing a thing!

I've always wanted a wide foyer! Ours is entirely too small and it's one of those things we thought we would always go back and "fix"! But, when all is said and done…who wants to go through the hassle of having workers and dust, etc…in your house for months? So it gets put off!

This house truly personifies everything I believe in when it comes to a re-model. As the 7th family to live in this beautiful home, I think they sought the best council…and it came out to be a true masterpiece! 
I wish I had known Debi when we were tearing down and re-modeling our house that we are in now!
The best piece of advice I could ever give someone building or renovating a home would be to do the things you don't want to go back and re-do! Give up some of your 'curtain budget', don't fret over having all of the furniture in…but PLEASE…do the things that give the house it's "bones"! It's character! I promise you that you will not regret it in the end!

By the way, I'm in love with the pair of mirrors flanking the fireplace as well as the pair of demi lunes!

The soothing color palette and subtle changes in texture only help to accentuate the pieces of art deco glass that the homeowners collect.

I really love this arrangement in the middle of the table…we are always searching for a great container to be able to use for Holiday Entertaining, etc…this one is beautiful!

I also love the fun arrangement of sunflowers on the spacious island! 
This kitchen truly says, "Welcome"!

Oh, what a dream come true it would have been to have grown up with a bedroom like this! 
It's just stunning and truly speaks to me!

However, this Master Bedroom is screaming at me!
 I LOVE it! It's gorgeous in every way!

I hope you've enjoyed this 'Wednesday's What If Post'! How fitting that as I sit here and write it I am about to leave for my sister's birthday dinner! You do remember…she's my fun sister that always had a great "What If" for every situation growing up and still does it today! She makes me laugh…she is my hero! I sure hope she enjoys her birthday!
If you want to read the article on this beautiful home in it's entirety you can read it HERE! I think it's definitely worth it!!
By the way, I had totally forgotten that my first What If post started with Charles Faudree! A sweet customer was in today just bragging away about what a great speaker he was at their Antiques and Garden Show in Omaha, Nebraska! Sure wish I could've been there to hear it!


  1. Hi Carolyn, it is lovely - so inviting and comfortable. And I love the table setting - gold and white china is my favorite - and the arrangement and vessel are fabulous.

  2. Oh my goodness Carolyn! This IS a stunner .. the foyer, the kitchen, the dining room and master bedroom.. wow! The soft neutrals are my personal favorite. The mirror are gorgeous and placed perfectly. I'll look forward to reading the full article. I have several of the Charles Faudree design books and they are my favorite :)

  3. WOW!!!!!!! Am in love, most in love with the library (to die for), the room with the twin beds and the foyer. Soooo gracious, warm and magnificent. Isnt' it funny how some homes even looking at them through a computer screen just ooze warmth and elegance and others feel so cold and foreboding! This one is a gem, thanks so much for sharing Carolyn and hope you are off to a fabulous day!!

  4. Hi Carolyn.
    Boy oh boy I dropped by just in time to enjoy this magnificent home! The first thing that caught my eye was the way in which every room GLOWS! And oh my goodness the advice regarding the good bones shoud be the quote of the week too! I just came from Phylllis' where she is the master of inviting restraint. I must say that Debi Davis has mastered the art of elegant restraint. Just beautiful!
    So nice to visit with you too! Love your blog and look forward to visiting often!

  5. Well if youre moving right in, I am there with you! I am sure there are a few guest rooms right? Can't agree more with you about getting the "bones" of a house right. That is what is taking us so long right now, making sure the character of the structure is in place. Sure it may be a little more expensive, but you spend less money on decorating in the long run due to all of the structural character.

  6. Just perfect! I could move right and not change anything, too. Stunning

  7. What a beautiful home, so elegant and serene. That twin bedroom is my favourite! x Sharon

  8. beautiful and I love the grand foyer...makes you wish for more from the entrance. Have fun with your sister!!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I could move right into! Thank you for the introduction.
    Happy Thursday.

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  11. Such a beautiful and gracious home filled with exquisite antiques. The kitchen is an unexpected departure from the neutral palette, but very warm and lovely. Have a wonderful weekend, Carolyn.

  12. PS - Hope everything is in order for your upcoming open house :)

  13. I love the twin bed's cover! Where could I get them?