Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays…..and "What If"s?"

When we were young my sister's favorite thing to do was to think of "what if's"! 
You know…scenarios that really weren't true…but if they were…"What If!"
"What If", I would hear my sister Andrea say and off we would go!
It was a childish but fun game that often got us in trouble! Fits of laughter, etc that were usually inappropriate at the time! But as grown ups we often play games of "What If" in a totally different light don't we?
 We play out our dreams in our minds and sometimes still say,
"What If?"
So today, what if I could choose a designer…any designer that I could hire for my home? Who might it be?
This Wednesday…What If I chose ….

Charles Faudree! 

We certainly have the same taste in dogs!

 With Razzle and Rosie, I think we would get along just fine!

He is such a distinguished looking gentleman!

With impeccable taste, that's for sure!

So often I have an image of his interiors as a certain style for luxury Mountain homes in Cashiers or Highlands,

But I have a strong suspicion that his well recognized, signature style carries right on over to luxury beach homes,

Elegant, but understated homes….

And to "everyday" homes in general!

I know we share the same love of antique collections!

like transferware and majolica,

and creamware

and a penchant for bamboo! Another big love of mine!

And quite simply, a love of all things beautiful!

It's not often that I find someone that I know deep down has that same kindred spirit of home equals style equals beauty equals luxury...

But with Charles Faudree….why would you expect any less?

It's really always fun to dream and think about the "what if's" in life!
What if Andrea hadn't had the dream of Hannah Kate? 
What if I hadn't had the dream of Mulberry Heights Antiques?
"What if" you could pick a designer for the day to make your design dreams come true? Who would it be? I'm glad I'm starting off with Charles Faudree….wonder who or what it will be next week?
Hope you have a wonderful, fun week exploring the "what if's" in your life! 


  1. Those homes are beautiful! AND I LOVE CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS!!!!!!!!

  2. I just found your blog via my friend Delore's blog Vignette Designs. So many of my blog friends love Charles Faudree, he is definitely the master at mixing patterns Love his work. You have a lovely blog, Happy Wednesday

  3. This is one beautiful post, Carolyn!! I love his work so much.
    I love the colors used on these chests.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. He's got great style - lush and comfortable. And I love that nothing is too precious for the dogs! All best, Phyllis

  5. Such a fun game and he is very talented. I think I would pick Suzanne Kasler or Jamie Herzlinger! xo

  6. Beautiful Carolyn! I love his work. Such gorgeous furnishings.

  7. Hi Carolyn - Charles Faudree's rooms are so warm, gracious and well appointed! And, he loves his collections, dogs, and antiques as much as I love mine. Thank you for featuring his work. I really enjoyed this post.

  8. Glorious post Carolyn; fabulous images!! Thank you for visiting and what a coincidence that I chose that image of a room with a view!

    Anita's Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

  9. GReta post Carolyn... he is a favourite of mine too.... I hope you found my message?? xv

  10. He is definitely my first pick and I have all his books.