Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lowcountry Love!

I'm on vacation in the Low Country and as usual, it's drawing me in to it's beautiful surroundings, fabulous history and architecture as well as the delicious food!
There's nothing like the laid back feel you get when you arrive on the island of Hilton Head and of course it's got me dreaming of "what if" I could choose to build a new house that would always create this feeling of being in the Lowcountry.

I can't quite put my finger on exactly ONE thing that I love about the Lowcountry but I can certainly tell you a few of the things that I think it is!

I think it's the comfortable easiness I feel the minute I'm here that is very attractive to me!

And the beautiful homes that catch your eye immediately!

Age doesn't seem to be a factor in the beauty of these wonderful homes!

With Spanish moss and comfortable chairs you can unwind in, why would anyone ever want to leave?

And, apparently... whether you choose to call it "Lowcountry" or Low Country appears to be quite the debate!
I think I will leave it up to you!

 A lot of what I love about Lowcountry homes is the beautiful openness you feel inside the homes as well as the gracious, welcoming exteriors.

Large entryways, wide hallways and beautiful front porches make you feel like you're welcomed the minute you step inside!

I think if I could change anything about my house now it would be my tiny entrance hall and I would add a front porch to enjoy on those rare occasions that I actually could!

I'm also a huge fan of the kitchens that are so often found in Lowcountry style homes!

There's truly something magical about Lowcountry scenery and the history behind some of the plantations that are still standing.

And there are so many beautiful "new" homes to be admired as well!

Yes, I could definitely re-create this lifestyle at home so that I would always be able to enjoy the ease of Lowcountry living!
Including the delicious food we've been able to enjoy during our stay here! It's truly one of my favorite styles of cooking and I don't think I will ever get tired of it!

From the She Crab Soup, the Gumbo and the delicious hushpuppies… it's all been so delicious!

Maybe I will decide to raid my shop of all of the Low Country Originals light fixtures we have in at the moment to help re-create the ambiance I'm experiencing while on vacation! Hmmm….it's a thought!

Well, we will have to see about that one! Not sure my sweet husband would find that as fun as I would! No matter, though! While I'm here I plan to soak up everything there is to enjoy about the Lowcountry!

Who knows what we will see tomorrow as the guys are going deep sea fishing and I'm perusing the cookbooks for an incredible Lowcountry recipe to make it worth their while!
Hope you are having a fabulous week! I sure don't want ours to end but I feel certain we will leave with treasured memories!

If only we still had Emily's fabulous painting called Low Country still at the shop!


  1. Wow this covered a lot of things. I would take any of those destinations, especailly one with a quiet patio and a comfortable chair.

  2. So gorgeous. I would love to vacation there! Have fun and enjoy your time away. xo

  3. Beautiful homes here, Carolyn. Such a gracious feel to them. I love the porches especially. Have a lovely bit of time off.

  4. Alright. I'm packing my bags now. Beautiful pictures. :)

  5. Dear Carolyn -
    Your holiday sounds divine! Thank you for the beautiful photos. I love all the porches and verandas. So gracious and welcoming, indeed.

  6. You are in trouble for waving those hushpuppies and she crab soup in my face, lol! I could eat every hush puppy right now.
    So happy that you are enjoying the trip. You deserve it! The images of course are to die for.
    Happy Wednesday.

  7. I love the Lowcountry, too, Carolyn. And you perfectly described the sense of relaxation that washes over you when you arrive. It is hard to get too worked up over anything with the warm weather, Spanish moss in the trees and a cocktail on the porch.

    And those are some gorgeous houses you have shared with us!

    Have a wonderful time!

  8. Love the Lowcountry Carolyn... beautiful homes in a stunning location... gorgeous... xv

  9. Beautiful homes and it looks so pretty there. Have a great time!

  10. I use to live on St. Simons Island when I was a child and loved it. Have been back many times to visit. Have also stayed on Sea Island at the Cloister several times before the economy slumped. Beautiful homes you shared here.