Monday, June 18, 2012

A Low Country Keepsake….

I'm a huge fan of stumbling on a souvenir or two that allows me to take home something that will always remind me of how it felt to be in that particular place. So when walking down a side street in Savannah on our way home from Hilton Head Island you can imagine my delight when I saw a sign that said "Close Out Sale" in the window of a small art boutique! The minute I walked in I spied my treasures! 
Five wonderful pen and ink drawings of famous live oak trees in Savannah! They were also hand watercolored in a wonderful shade of lime that I knew would work either in our home in Birmingham or our beach house in Florida. So how could I pass them up? 

When something like that is done by a local artist as well, to me that's just the icing on the cake so to speak! And when they are such gorgeous live oaks with spanish moss hanging from them just like the ones that we had been surrounded by all week in Hilton Head I knew they would always remind me of that wonderful time spent with my family! 

There is really nothing quite as beautiful to me as a Live Oak Tree with Spanish Moss!

The sense of Southern charm is just dripping from their limbs!

I've often wondered in years past just what would happen if I brought some back with me and threw it over the limbs of the trees in our yard! Somehow…I don't think that would work!

But it sure would be nice if it did!

At least now I have my five beautiful prints by Savannah artist Heather Young to always remind me of their beauty!

I was also pleasantly surprised when I found her Etsy shop online as well! It's such a treat to find a special momento or keepsake…I have many more from other trips, etc…and I've never grown tired of them! Many are framed and hung in our home and some are pieces that just sit on our bookcases…but whatever they are, they are special to me! 
Hope your week has begun with a great start! 


  1. They are wonderful, Carolyn. I love pin and ink and especially when they bring back memories of a special trip...great find!!

  2. Fabulous find, Carolyn! I love live oaks! They are all over Seagrove, with the moss.
    Thank you for sharing this artist's work. headed over to visit the Etsy shop.
    Have a great day. Hope Rosie is ok.
    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Hi, Carolyn ~
    I think Live Oak trees with Spanish moss are so special and majestic. They are definitely unique to parts of the South. Can't wait to see how you frame your new treasures....and, let us know where they end up?? Thanks so much for sharing them with us :-)

  4. This is so calming and beautiful, Carolyn. I am the same, I love to bring back a less commercial souvenir but rather something that captures the heart of the place and a memory. Your choice is perfect, SO pretty.
    By the way, although bringing back the moss and draping it over our trees doesn't look EXACTLY the same, I've seen a lot of my friends do this and it looks very pretty. We live in South Florida so it is rare to have it grow naturally here, but if we drive just a tad north we start to see the trees draped in their fancy attire. :)
    Thank you for stopping by earlier.
    Much love,

  5. What a great resource. I do love those moss covered trees in low country.

  6. Love this! What gorgeous prints...cannot wait to see what you do with them and to me nothing is as beautiful as moss covered trees, quintessential Southern! PS Added you to my blog roll today:)

  7. Good morning dear Carolyn!

    Thank you again for visiting me and what LOVELY ILLUSTRATIONS YOU PICKED UP!!!! I hope you are having sunshine; we here are getting daily rain showers and it is lovely. We had a glorious rainbow yesterday!

    Enjoy a fine day, Anita