Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Third And Final Artist…for Now!

 I think I've died and gone to 'Artist' heaven…I am not even kidding you!

I can honestly say that persistence pays off because I think I've been trying to get Sonya in our shop for 1 1/2 years! I'm proud of myself for staying with it! It was hard at times because there is a fine line between sounding desperate and then knowing that someone should not only be showing in your shop but would also belong there as well!

 I'm so thankful that Sonya didn't "write us off" but instead was more gracious with each email and each phone call! What a delight to actually meet her in person today!

 I'm truly in love with her work and her personality fits her to a "T"! She is so beautiful, so pleasant and so calm! And I feel like that is reflected in her art! It now has it's own place right across from the desk and it is sooooo soothing! I love being able to view it as I'm working! We took down an entire wall of tole trays that we've loved but we knew it was the perfect spot for Sonya's art!

Aren't these Peonies in the sink just fabulous?

These 'Still Life's' of Figs and Peaches are amazing!

I so wish everyone could attend our Open House on October 18th! We would all have such a great time and see so many wonderful artists as well as my friend's that have started Old Clutch! 
Not to mention the great food…especially the chocolate chip cookies with sea salt! Always a huge hit!
As well as Alison Thomas' of AKT Designs gorgeous flowers!
I would suggest being there if at all possible!

This is the invite that Melissa has on her website or Facebook page..I'm not sure... but she graciously sent it to me so I could put it on this blog post! What a great group of beautiful women we are now representing! I couldn't be any more grateful or proud of them than I feel right now!
Thank you Melissa Payne Baker, Lauren Dunn and Sonya Shinn Edwards and Old Clutch! You can check each of them out on the links I've provided…just click on their names!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You were right to persevere! Her wok is lovely. The first is really stunning, something about the church and fishing boats - it's very moving.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. These are all so amazing. I am really drawn to the church series, although they are all spectacular! Thanks for showing us such talent!

  3. Look out for me in artist heaven with you! Wow! and WHOA!

  4. Carolyn

    You are right...her work is wonderful! Thanks for introducing us to her lovely work!

  5. again....
    love the style and the colors.

    x ;)

  6. Love the flowers in the sink and the dog!!

  7. Carolyn, I just read your comment over at Renee's place. You are WONDERFUL X10! I know how much she appreciates this too. I love both of them, Renee & her mother, Yvonne. And, you too.

  8. Happy Sunday, Carolyn ~
    I love it when you introduce us to these amazing artists. Sonya's paintings are beautiful. My favorites are the fruit still life paintings. Good luck with the open house. I know your shop will look divine and very autumnal. Please do share photos for those of us who live outside the area.

  9. Oh Carolyn, this art has a MASTERPIECE quality to it! This artist is AMAZINGLY talented!!! BRAVO!!! WOW, I love those scenes. Thank you as well for popping by to say BONJOUR. You are just so kind!

    Enjoy this lovely weather. My goodness, this has to be my favorite season!

    Much love, Anita

  10. What gorgeous artwork - so wish I could see it in person!! Beautiful colors...