Friday, August 26, 2011

Never Before......

Never Before......have I linked my two blogs together....this time... I just had embodies everything I've been doing...everything I want my friends to see, and everything I care about!

A long time ago...when I first started my blogging adventure...a dear friend told me that she wished she had never started 3 blogs!!! I had written her and asked her for advice, how to do certain things on blogger, etc....and I will never forget Shannon telling me that she truly wished she only had one blog!! You see...she had a cooking blog, a devotional blog and a blog that simply was there for her to talk about her "Southern Heritage".... I also remember thinking that I could do it all! How silly was that now that I can look back on it a year or so later!
Which is why two worlds are meshing into one....simply due to time restraints and the fact that my life embodies who I am...and who I am is reflected in my shop! I've let it go for several months because of other issues in my my children!!! at this very creative side is wanting to blog away about our Sip and See and my heart is aching to hear about our incredible win in Georgia against Eagles Landing.....but I'm coping....and it's ok!!! I'm loving everything I'm doing!! I'm especially loving the fact that my precious daughter Holly surprised me with a plane ticket and came HOME!
 She came home to help with... and enjoy our wonderful "Sip and See" event yesterday with Emily Ozier and Caroline Reehl....what a fabulous time we had!! It was only enhanced by the flowers that Alison Kynerd Thomas did and made everything look "that much better"! Thank you so much, Alison!
Thankfully, several months before.....
Holly convinced me to buy this chalkboard that I had been eyeing on one of our visits with them...and I'm forever grateful that she did!
Sweet Ellen makes it come to life... not only with our "events" but just with everyday life!
The shop began to prepare for this wonderful event many weeks in fact, while we were visiting Holly and Brad in New Orleans, Pattie and Ellen carried out our dream of having our very own water bottles! I know it seems silly to most people...but to me, it was heaven!
Just for the record...these days, it's heaven having anybody do anything to make life easier at the shop!!! I'm running myself ragged and I don't mind telling you! Obviously! If I didn't love it though, I wouldn't bring it up! Which is why having Alison offer to do the flowers for our Sip and See was just an extra added bonus!
             Just look at how beautiful they are!
Sometimes, the things that you love the most....are what you work the hardest for.....
To me...that includes family, friends and flowers......and "f"nomenal.......ART!
And.....the "f"act......that Alison is a forever, family, friend.....and I would do anything for her!  and then of course....there are......
 Color coordinated jelly beans! Who doesn't love that?
We began by setting the tables early.....and trying to think of the best colors possible to enhance the paintings, the pottery and the flowers.....hopefully, showcasing our new runners for holiday entertainment as well! We have them in so many great colors!
As well as.. to show off our fabulous cake stands! Once again, when I went to market  they forbid me to buy anymore cake stands with domes...because we shipped a million of them when we had them...but I simply could not resist these beauties! In fact, they made me order more once they saw them! My daughter wants one as a "stocking stuffer"!
Finally, when the day arrived.....we had so much fun with Emily's art, Caroline's pottery and Alison's flowers!

Here are some of the pictures of the fabulous artwork from Emily.....

And of course....Caroline's pottery.....the pieces I have I adore so very much!

And delicious food....if I do say so myself! so wish you could have all been there!
It was one remarkable day! And it's still going on! People are still flocking in to see all of the art...
and not wanting to miss out on anything!

                        Hopefully, this painting will still be here for the B'ham Home and Garden's Inspiration glad Doug @Tracery Interiors was admiring it!
Here is a "replica" of the piece that my precious husband gave me!!! It sit's proudly in it's very own shelf on our new bookcases....we love it!

When we first started carrying Caroline's pottery, Pattie and Patti gave me my very first piece....they gave it to me to take to our beach house and that is where it has been to this very day....every time I see it I want to bring it home because of the special memories it brings to me...the special thoughts that were behind it and the special people that gave it to me!

 That's what this kind of talent allows us to enjoy a God given allows us to share it with others and it certainly allows for alot of special memories when one is given the piece of a lifetime! I know that art is different to each individual...I also know...when I see a  wife get that special piece of pottery or that perfect painting...she is radiant! When I see a mom or a mother in law get a piece of pottery for being a first time is so very special! You can't "buy" these memories....they aren't a Visa commercial...they are real, and they truly are priceless! I wouldn't trade anything for getting to be a part of it! I'm so very grateful to Emily and Caroline for allowing Mulberry Heights Antiques to carry their be a part of something so incredible and to experience the joy of art...a true, God given talent......

And just look at all of the food!!!!
 Pork tenderloin with two sauces,
 Incredible chocolate chip cookies with sea salt
 Black eyed pea caviar...
And friends and family! Thank you all for coming to our Sip and See! I'm already thinking ahead to the 
holidays and trying to plan another! ( much to Jim's dismay!)
My mom and her friends
 Gigi and Pam
 Holly and.....well, Holly holding Emily's precious baby! Getting "ideas"! 
 More of Caroline's pottery
 Alison.... I love you! I'm so glad we've been friends for forever...and we can pop those elbows like any young sorority girl!
And a lot of Holly's precious friends...that support her no matter what!!! you have a job at Mulberry whenever you want it!!! I love you all!


  1. What a great post!! Looks like SUCH a good time, wish I lived closer so would have been there to celebrate with you. You are all such a good looking and friendly bunch and the shop looks AMAZING!!!!!!!! Very exciting and so neat that your daughter surprised you and came home, how wonderful and I am sure it was the icing on the cake for you!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful day......

  2. Carolyn, I am so mad that I missed the party. I had plans to visit Saturday, but getting Angela moved back in to Samford was all I had time to do. I will be back soon, and Angela and I both agree that we will stop by first thing!
    Everything looked gorgeous. Talented ladies!