Saturday, September 6, 2014

Caroline Ceramics

Several years ago we met a girl named Caroline!

In fact, we were the first to carry her work in Birmingham and we were thrilled! While she was showing in my shop she recounted a story of a boy she had met while at the beach! 
Little did we know at the time that they would literally become the perfect pair! 

Caroline grew up in Fairhope, Alabama and graduated from Ole Miss where she quickly launched her Caroline Ceramics line and the rest my friends is history as they say!

Flower Magazine did a story on her a while back as well as other publications that borrowed our pieces that we had in stock for their photo shoots. 
We were thrilled for Caroline to get the recognition that she deserved. 

Her work is intricate, delicate, time consuming and most importantly a true gift that was given to her by her Creator. She creates beauty and shares that with others in the form of her gorgeous ceramics and now her paintings that incorporate her ceramics as well.

Of course, once she and William started dating seriously we knew she would be leaving Birmingham and moving on to Raleigh, N.C. where she now resides with her sweet husband and most recently her precious daughter , Leavie. What a sweet, sweet family!

Luckily, Flower Magazine captured this ideal wedding in the perfect setting…nothing is better than a wedding in Highlands, N.C. I might be a little biased as my parents have a house there and we see many a wedding party walking down Main Street or going in to the receptions at The Old Edwards Inn.

Not a detail was missed. Do you see the handmade cross woven into her bridal bouquet? She lovingly gave one of these crosses to me and my sweet friend Pattie that works at my shop. We have treasured them!

I love how Flower Magazine and Bryan Johnson captured all of the details that made up this fairy tale wedding! If you haven't seen the article yet you really need to get the latest issue and truly study it!

Every guest was sent home with one of her gorgeous handmade pears…all 207 of them! 

This garland takes my breath away!

This cake is truly phenomenal! What a gorgeous replica of Caroline's handmade roses cascading down this yummy Salted Caramel Cake by Lush Cakery in Atlanta.

Can you even stand the beauty in this tall vase? Can you even imagine the talent behind it or the joy the recipient had when receiving this as a gift after the wedding! How fun!

And then they left….and they left in style! I would not expect anything less from them! 
I'm so happy that Caroline's dreams have and are coming true! 
She is truly a special girl and I'm forever grateful that I got to know her early on in her career! 
Thanks to my daughter! 
You can see it in an original blog post that I did years ago.

It's not often that I can say we truly had this first! But we did!
Here it is in my original blog post about Caroline's pottery when it first came to Mulberry Heights Antiques! You can see it HERE!

These are samplings of pieces we've had or are currently carrying. If you see anything that catches your eye we ship things weekly and are happy to do so!

Each piece is truly stunning!

I would be lying if I told you that I haven't kept any of these for myself! I thought about showing you pictures of the pieces in my house but may save that for another day! 

I have also had the pleasure of giving some of her work as gifts to special friends and dear family members. 
They are always treasured!

These tabletop crosses are stunning! 
I have them displayed on books, etc. in the shop.

The ring dishes and bud vases are the most wonderful gifts to give! 

And of course, her special vases are remarkable and come in many difference sizes and shapes!

But the truly remarkable one is Caroline herself! This girl makes me smile whenever I think about her! In fact, I truly miss her! Maybe she would come back to Birmingham for a show one day? I guess it never hurts to ask! Congratulations, Caroline! On your special wedding and now for your precious, beautiful baby girl, Leavie! Did you know Caroline also has a blog called Leavie Rose?
You can read all about her and then some on her personal website that you can see HERE!
Hope to hear from you soon! 
I've been gone way too long and I miss you all!


  1. It looks like a beautiful wedding...the bride is gorgeous!

  2. What an amazing woman Caroline. It looks like an absolute dream wedding! I love her work and would be thrilled to have a bud vase or one of her equisite pears!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Gorgeous post! What a dreamy wedding and what a talented young woman!

  4. That is a very beautiful wedding! Every detail....perfection. She is a big talent, and sounds really nice, too. Thanks for this feature, Carolyn. I'm glad to see you posting. Hope you had a wonderful summer. And have a fantastic fall season at the shop. Cheers

  5. amazing and so beautiful! I loved looking at each and every photo..I've never seen an all white wedding and it was stunning! hope you are having a wonderful end of summer

  6. Amazing works of art, I love the imperfect beauty in every piece, if she had a local shop close by me, I would be one of her regular clients in purchase as well as talking her into designing pieces for me and my shop!
    My latest post up now! I have displayed some pottery plates that I talked the artist into making les then trying so hard at perfect. Crafting them rustically and simple time worn feel.
    I so need to add to my collection here, when my daughter plans a wedding all these plates will be used to add the romance of a European wedding.

    Thank you for such a beautiful share.

    A season of inspiration to you.


  7. Hi so good to see you on my blog roll again..though its not updating (always something)! we will get there!! What a beautiful wedding and such special pieces too. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful highlights. Hope you had a fabulous summer....can you believe its over!

  8. Such a beautiful bride, and her work is truly stunning!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow, she is very talented. What a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding! I have been a little slow with blogging as well but now that my annual school event is over I am trying to get back in the groove! Have a great weekend!

  10. All these ideas are really amazing to make any wedding beautiful. I have also hired historical venues in DC for my ceremony followed by a reception. Can you also help me with ideas for decorations and help me in making my day more special?