Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally, Caroline's Pottery is in the Shop!

We've been looking forward to this day for a LONG time! When Caroline first arrived at the shop we quickly helped her unpack these glorious pieces and just piled them on the first table we could find!! I loved the idea of photographing this all in one big heap so to speak! It was so beautiful!

I'm not really sure just how long I've been searching for just the "right" pottery to carry at Mulberry Heights Antiques....but I can ASSURE you its been QUITE a while and QUITE a process!

 Really good quality pottery is one of my first loves! Which explains why I have a shop derived from my original love of Transferware....all in the family of "pottery"!

Look at how well it mixes with antique Creamware!!!
My everyday dinnerware is McCarty Pottery and I truly love it! I collect a piece wherever I can find it and we really do use it everyday! When my precious daughter moved to Jackson, MS...I had a "hayday" so to speak as it was quite accessible!
 We had such fun finding the places that carried the elusive McCarty candlesticks....vases, etc.... and every day I would tell Holly...sure do wish we could carry something so beautiful that it would be a collector's item besides antique transferware, ironstone, or even creamware! My heart must lie in clay because it is something that I truly desire and long for! On the day that Holly and Brad were moving away from Jackson to Anniston, AL...she frantically called and said, "Mom...I can't believe I've forgotten to tell you this, BUT.....there is this incredible girl named Caroline Reehl and she has the most gorgeous pottery that you could ever imagine!!" Well...I knew how busy Holly was and so I took it seriously! In fact.. for some reason I had my laptop in the bathroom while drying my hair and I said, "Honey...just hold on! I'm emailing her as we speak!" I didn't know if I would hear back from sweet Caroline or not...but I did...and I truly believe the Lord put us together....We are so thrilled to be carrying her pieces and so excited to share them with you! We actually sold a piece an hour after she left! She doesn't even know this yet!

 We have made a special place in the shop JUST for her beautiful pottery pieces!People are loving it!

 Each petal of each flower is done individually. The glazes are phenomenal! 
Her artwork expresses her inner beauty and love for our Creator.

 I love the verse that she puts on each piece....and each piece is signed!

Isaiah 64:8 " Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, your are the potter; we are all the work of your hand!"

 Caroline's pieces work beautifully with our antique books, boxes, trays, etc.... Of course they do!

They are all truly one of a kind! I thought I had a favorite....then I saw the lillies! Can't decide if my first piece will be a vase or a bowl! I'm hoping for a piece for Valentine's Day! 
What a special gift!

Here is a little bio on Caroline! Not sure if you can read it but we plan on having it on our Events page at

Check out these incredible vases. What a special gift for that special someone! A True "keepsake".

This planter...which is called "pewter" in all of our favorites at the shop! So unique!

 Well....I guess we have alot of favorites because we are also all wanting a piece of this collection!

 The Robin's Egg Blue in incredible! So sweet...just like Caroline herself! She is the epitome of a true Southern Belle! In fact....I think she should name a piece...."The Southern Belle!"

 For all I know...she already has one by that name! if not...I will suggest it! All I know is that she is an angel and I am forever grateful that my angel baby daughter told me I should contact her!

 Hopefully, a relationship, a partnership and most of all....a friendship has been born!

We are still working on getting this case "just right" with the lighting, etc..... This bowl below is one of my all time favorites!

If I had a special gift to give...a wedding gift, graduation, of these vases or bowls would be just perfect!

Truthfully, It would take me all day to decide which one of these pieces I liked the best!

 As customers came in while Caroline was delivering these incredible pieces of pottery...I heard each one say, " These will be snatched up immediately!!!" and they are so right!

If not by them.....then definitely by ME!
 I can't wait to display them all over my house or give as gifts to the people in my life that mean the most to me! Thank you, Caroline for bringing something so special and unique to our shop! Mulberry Heights Antiques is forever grateful!

Let us know your thoughts on Caroline's pottery! 
We would love to hear from you!


  1. Ooooooo I love Burffday is Dec-wink wink genie

  2. Gorgeous, Carolyn! I can appreciate every beautiful piece.

  3. Thanks, Teresa! I appreciate your comments ALOT!!! and I going out to dinner with your sister Sat. night? Should I put in a good word for your birthday?

  4. Wow. This is such a sweet post! The Lord absolutely brought us together and I am just as excited to have the honor of being in such an amazing store. Good things to come and I can't wait to meet and thank your daughter!!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring Caroline's pottery. It is so stunning; I adore every piece!

    Last sure to come and join my Amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  6. Thanks Karena! Yes...every piece IS stunning!!! Can't wait until we can actually have a "show" along with our other incredible artist, Emily Ozier!!! What a show that will be!!!

  7. Oh my goodness....those are just pretty and feminine and delicate. Really lovely, she is quite talented!Glad to have you found you...wonderful blog you have here. I started one less than 2 months ago..please visit me, its about the building of our new home and my love for decor/design. Hope you will stop by!