Monday, May 12, 2014

Saunders Bradford

What is a proud mother to do? Especially when it's just the day after Mother's Day?
 Well…I thought I just might share a beautiful project that Birmingham Home and Garden magazine has featured this month! Yes, my angel baby…my son…is the 'Bradford' in Saunders Bradford. Mitch and his business parter David have been building this company for at least 10 years! 
I remember when they used to just dream about it! Now…it is definitely a reality!

This feature in Birmingham Home and Garden is the perfect example of why clients love to work with Mitch and David. Cathy Still McGowin and Jean Allsopp captured every detail perfectly! Cathy is such a gifted writer and editor and Jean is truly an icon in Birmingham with her gorgeous photos! Not a magazine article happens without her expertise in the photos! I'm so glad they both captured this so well!

The homeowner in this project definitely had been keeping great notes on what she wanted! 
That certainly helps the builder when trying to incorporate every aspect that the homeowner desires. 
It also is very helpful in creating dreams that come true!

As you can see from these beautiful pictures she obviously likes to mix the old with the knew! 
Send her my way! That is exactly what I want the name of Mulberry Heights Antiques to evoke in the minds of the people that are working on their dream homes.

What a treat for a mother to see her son's name mentioned in making this dream kitchen happen! I have to admit…I have collected pictures of Pamela Pierce's designs as well so I recognized it from the get go! In fact, you can see an earlier blog post on her right HERE!
But to see that your son truly had such a hand in making this possible…well…this time I just couldn't help but be a proud mama! 
I will stop here for fear of embarrassing him!

But really…check it our for yourself! This is amazing work…my son or not!
 He is amazing…his company is amazing and Saunders Bradford is headed for great things!

They recently were awarded 2nd place in the state for the Space Renovation category for the Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards 2014! Again….a proud mama here! What can I say?
 I wouldn't choose anyone but Saunders Bradford for my next remodeling job or a total re-build! 
If only I could start tomorrow!
Hope you are all doing well! I sure do miss blogging as much as I used to and I would love to catch up with you! I hope you all had a very special Mother's Day in one way or another! You can click on any of the links I suggested above and spend many hours pouring over glorious homes and photos! Enjoy!


  1. Love your posts, and your love for your children. This home is beautuful and they are very talented!!

    1. Thank you, French Market! You cannot imagine how much your kind comment means to me! I appreciate your time and the effort it takes to read these blogs! Hope you are doing well!

  2. You should be proud, Mama. What wonderful work they are doing. Detail, detail, detail. That's all that counts in the end. Happy to see this post as it makes me feel less guilty for posting about my family. xx's

  3. I need him here in NJ! Doing a few remodeling projects wish he was local! You must be so proud!!

  4. Carolyn, Bravo to your very talented son and his partner! Amazing design projects!

    The Windows of Buck House

  5. Congratulations Carolyn! You must be so proud this Mother's Day - and every day!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  6. Exciting news, Carolyn! You should be a proud a Mother!! So happy for you and your son!

  7. Of course you are proud - you SHOULD be!! It is so hard to get published, and his work is divine! Huge congrats to your son :)

  8. Congratulations Carolyn your son's work is wonderful!!

  9. have every right to be one proud mama....hes work is wonderful!

  10. I absolutely love the way these retro appliances look! Wonderful colors! Growing up, ours were harvest gold. I don't really like the stainless steel, but I think it's really popular right now.
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