Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Fresh Start Sounds Good!

While quickly flipping through the latest issue of Veranda and killing time on a Saturday at the shop I was quickly enthralled by the title of this article as well as the decor! I often think about re-doing my home as well as the look of the shop for a more "fresh" feel….but then I often get overwhelmed at what I would have to change and "get rid of"! Is it practical? No…Is it worth it? Probably!
Take at look at what a transformation Pamela Pierce's house took on when she decided to do all of those things that I've dreamed of doing! It's quite remarkable!

I have no idea if the outside of her phenomenal home underwent any changes but I often dream of changing our shingle style home into a painted brick home whenever we decide to take on the project of adding a front porch, etc. I love this look!

Although some of the furnishings in her newly re-decorated home are a little bit too contemporary for my taste, I can still appreciate it. It is truly beautiful and mixed remarkably well with antiques and natural materials such as the beautiful hardwoods as well as the stone floors. I do think that helps to blend some of the spaces shown.

I think this chair is fabulous…and while I wouldn't have it in my own home, it sure does look stunning here!

I love that everything is comfortable and relaxed. It's so hard for me to decide what I truly love! I love it all…I love formal and I love laid back! How do you mix the two? I think I've tried to over the years…and I think my shop reflects that as well. But sometimes I feel as if it is just a jumbled mess!
All the more reason for a "Fresh Start!"

This rooms truly looks serene!

And I love her Texas touches!

I think this may be the most feasible of all my wants and wishes! Our four poster bed is heavily clad with country french fabrics which I have loved over the years! But I'm truly wanting to take it all down and just see the wall behind the bed again…maybe with a pair of swing arm lamps…and fresh linens! That would change the entire feel of our bedroom and I think I might just give it a go! As well as taking down the heavy window treatments in my bathroom…just have the plantation shutters and a clean, fresh feel!

If I had my druthers I would totally re-do my bathroom! And I would hire my precious, wonderful son and his company to do it! I've seen what they did with his own personal bathroom as well as his grandparents bathroom! It's remarkable! I wish you would take a look at his website HERE!

And this bedroom that she says is used by her granddaughter is just fabulous! I'm dying over these twin beds! I've never seen anything quite like them!

Take a look at some of the pictures of her home as it was featured in 2006 in Veranda. Although she says in this issue of Veranda that she was tired of gathered skirts and gray paint…I still find the old version of the home truly remarkable as well! 

This truly makes my heart happy when I see it…and yet, I'm wanting to change and evolve with the times…I have a strong feeling that Pamela Pierce can set the tone for anything her heart desires and I for one intend to take some great notes from her! Her taste is stunning!

So, whether it be the sleek and more relaxed feel of her newly redecorated home...

Or the gathered skirts and gray paint of her home of the past…

Or the "Country French" feel of the kitchen above...

To the sleek and updated kitchen of today…
( at least the steer is still hanging!)

My vote is on Pamela Pierce for one to follow and take instructions from! Her taste has never failed and I have a sneaky suspicion that she is on to something here! I know I would love to have a more relaxed and a "Not so proper" feel in my own home as she stated in Veranda! 
Take a look at this month's issue and see for yourself! It was really, really good!
I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend whatever it is that you are doing! 


  1. Absolutely lovely. And she's in Houston. What could be better? Joni @ Cote d'Texas did a big piece on Pam a couple of weeks ago, about her new e-zine Milieu.

  2. Hi there....I think we all go through those phases where our taste and needs evolve, and sometimes they demand less formality, more comfort, less silk, more cotton,etc......I am love with the exterior of her home but personally I way preferred the original design, the new one while light and airy is too contemporary for my taste,I need warmer and cozier decor, but bravo to her for not being afraid of change and just going for it!
    I think if you are really "feeling it" Carolyn you should go for it..I bet it will be a total labor of love and something tells me you will be thrilled with the end result! Have a great Sunday!!

  3. Love her home before and after....she is one of my favorite designers! Go for it.....change is good!

  4. Pamela Pierce is hands down my favorite...she is the reason I blog...I went looking for more of her one day and found Cote De Texas and was hooked on blogs. I love her changes...but for me , I would just love to have her home THE WAY IT WAS! It was very fresh and clean..non-cluttered, yet warmer...that suits me just fine!

  5. We should work on a virtual change of your home...that would be fun!...In our spare time...HA!

  6. I agree with everything you wrote here - she is so talented and it is stunning, and you should have it all too!

  7. You know I love her work, and this post is amazing, Carolyn!
    Happy Monday.

  8. That's it. Heading to Barnes & Noble this morning to pick up my own copy. I absolutely LOVE what she did with her home. And I LOVE that she added some classic contemporary pieces to her home. A beautiful and very personal mix. And not stuffy at all! Love.

    Hugs from Seattle. Mon.

    P.S Will check out your son's website too!

  9. Gorgeous! All of it! Love Love Love the arched French doors and the tufted bed!!!

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  11. Absolutely gorgeous! It makes me want to change everything in my home to soft colors and neutrals!