Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday's What If Post…"What If You Could Take Your Pick?"

Ok…so I caved and decided that I did need to do another 'What If Post' this Wednesday! I can't promise one every Wednesday but with these paintings arriving today I just couldn't pass up this opportunity!
But if you could take your pick from any of these fabulous paintings that Lauren Dunn is bringing us today, which would you choose? I have one that has my name written ALL over it!

Casual Goodness
40 x 40

36 x 36

Bundle of Joy
 36 x 36

By The Harpeth
36 x 36

I Will Follow
15 x 30

Of course, when Lauren arrived I was like a kid in a candy store and couldn't resist taking more pictures of them in person! Bare with me as I show them to you one more time after they arrived at Mulberry Heights Antiques! Take a look and see which ones are your favorites! Like I said, I knew mine the minute she emailed us the pictures of what she was bringing to us!

So, tomorrow we will have them hung and ready for all to see! I can't wait! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at Lauren's beautiful work!


  1. By the Harpeth is perfect for me - nothing like a boy and his dog! Beautiful paintings!

  2. Bundle of Joy. Love the soft colors of the flowers. -Tonya

  3. These are sooo beautiful, originals and signed? Who is the talented artist? Love them!

  4. Gorgeous it's a toss up between one or three! xo

  5. Love all of these, but he first is my favorite! Very talented artist, Carolyn.
    Happy Thursday.

  6. Ooooh I want the third one SO badly! It's awesome (they all are)

  7. Oooooh La them. What a great addition to your shop...

  8. So love these paintings!! My youngest son is obsessed with sheep, so the sheep painting speaks to my heart!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

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  10. Lové the bundle of reminds me of some of my style in painting.
    Love, love, love the feeling of grey in the piece with the pale patina making it a soft romantic blend.
    I am wondering what's your favorite or favorites.

    Beautiful site,