Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Lazy Day's Of Summer! There's Always A First Time!

Yes, there is a first time for everything! 
We got a new artist today! A local artist! 
We are so excited!
And, I've never experienced a lazy summer until this summer! That's also a first!
 I feel as if I'm on a Summer Staycation! Our beach house is rented out for most of the summer…I've worked through it…at least I've tried to!

But... because I'm here I've been blessed to meet Vicki Denaburg and get the privilege of carrying her gorgeous artwork in my shop! We are more than ecstatic! 
I doubt I would've taken the time to search her out if I hadn't been in one place for this long!

We've had several wonderful artists over the years…and each one has blessed me and I hope that I've blessed them even in a little way.  I'm forever grateful for all of them! Right now…I am overwhelmed at the fact that we get the wonderful privilege of representing Lauren Dunn, Melissa Payne Baker and now….Vicki! Vicki Denaburg is a little fireball…full of energy, bursting with creativity and one very special lady!

If you don't believe me…come in and see for yourself! I knew we had an immediate kinship when I asked her how she names her paintings! When she answered me I wanted to fall on the floor AND call my son at the same time and tell him I'm not the only one! She likes to listen to country music…in fact, blare country music and see if a title hits her! I totally get it!


In fact, I get a lot of what our artists they paint and how they express themselves! We all have ways that we express our creativity…some just better than others! 
Lauren, Melissa and Vicki have us all beat in my opinion!
What a wonderful group we have in our little shop in Birmingham, Alabama!

Vicki even paints places that are so near and dear to my heart! Like I said, we've had to put our beach house on the rental program for the first time and that has not been easy…I will not tell a lie! But looking at her painting of "Western Lake" near Seaside and Grayton Beach…makes me feel right at home!

Just as the newest painting that Lauren delivered this past Saturday 'Point The Way' reminds me so much of my roots! My dad is an avid hunter as was my grandfather and both of my boys…I grew up with hunting dogs so this speaks volumes to me!

And just maybe…I will have to purchase some of Vicki's art to remind me that my beach house still awaits me…it may not be THIS summer…but it's always there in my heart! And I will most definitely be there this fall! My most favorite beach time!

Beach colors or not…these paintings fit in every home…every type of decorating style…you name it!

The best part for me was to see how well Vicki's paintings complimented both Melissa's and Lauren's work as well! They all work so well together!

These orchids are a particular favorite of mine...

As was this still life! Be still my heart!
 Even Pattie knew I loved it right away!

Pattie and I both decided this was our most favorite painting….shown here and below in different lighting…yes, I need some photography classes! Look past that please!  Plus it was cloudy today!

Don't you just love it? So incredibly gorgeous! 
Her touches of metallic are spot on!

To say we are thrilled to have Vicki Denaburg at Mulberry Heights Antiques is an understatement! 

We are already planning and plotting our next art show!
 What a show it will be!

Just as I'm plotting that next country concert…

Or that next beautiful beach sunset!
It's ok to plan out that next big adventure! 

Just like it's ok to remember the things that you love and look forward to whatever it is that God has in store for you!

You can always find me planning and plotting…and right now, I need to be seeking out a beautiful sunrise! Not for me…but for some of my children that I love so dearly! 
Let's get back together soon! 

just a little verse that was special to me
Jeremiah 42:3
Pray that the LORD your God will tell us where we should go and what we should do."


  1. So glad to see your post! Love the art and you are too funny with Luke Bryan!

  2. Wonderful works of art Carolyn! I do miss your visits!!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I really like her art, Carolyn! I especially love the paintings of our beach stomping grounds!

  4. Beautiful artwork and I love how you managed to work Luke into your post!
    Cheers! - Shelley