Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's A New Year And I't s A New "What If Wednesday Post!"

And this time…I'm completely enamored with Tobi Fairley!
 If only I could have gone to her lecture and "wine and dine" dinner tonight! Being that our youngest son didn't leave to go back to Auburn until late today I knew in my heart I wouldn't be able to make the show…let alone Tobi's wine and dine dinner tonight. I'm hoping she might still be around Atlanta tomorrow once we get there and I can at least get a glimpse of the extremely talented and gracious, Tobi!
I'm also very excited about a new antique show in our "area"!

I'm so excited about this show and hated that we couldn't be there today when it actually started until I talked to some of the vendors…seems it's been super cold and the heat wasn't working until late today…for the first time ever I think I made a GREAT decision to wait until tomorrow to go! 

But when I think of Tobi being there…of getting to hear her talk tonight it makes me a bit sad! I would be lying if I didn't admit that! She is spot on as my English friends say…whether or not you like her boldness…whether or not you like her taste…she is a "taste maker"... an icon in our time and someone with infinite, timeless talent! The fact that her talk is on "Finding Inspiration In The Mix-Layering Antiques Into Your Design For A Fresh Look" means I should've have definitely been there...
Say no more! I'm just glad someone with Tobi's talent recognizes the importance of mixing the old with the new…of bringing antiques into the everyday landscape of our homes.

And isn't that what is to be strived for? 
Timeless taste in an ever-changing world? 

Someone that can stand the test of time…rise to the challenge…meet the challenge and give us all something to strive for! That my friends….is Tobi Fairley!

If you don't believe me….just take a look at her website! 
It is wonderful!
 You can see Tobi's website HERE!

I mean really….this is exquisite!

It took everything in me not to make this bicycle picture the very FIRST picture! Do you like it as much as I do? Doesn't it just convey that wonderful, laid back feeling of being on vacation?
I think that's why I love it so much! I think that's why it truly speaks volumes to me!
Someone please tell my husband that I want THIS very bicycle for my birthday! PLEASE!!
 (complete with hydrangeas!)

So, you see…in the midst of all of Tobi's brilliant, vibrant work…she has taken the time to speak at this wonderful event…1st Find At The Farm….I'm hoping it will be something that continues…especially in better weather! I'm hoping she does well and that people enjoy all that she has to share!
I must admit…I'm truly hoping to run into her and get an autograph! I don't care that we are "Facebook Friends"and "Instagram Friends"….I want a real autograph that can "prove" we are friends! Really? Will that do it? I hope so! I will be on the lookout I can promise you that!
I can't wait to report back from this show and from the Atlanta Market! I'm so looking forward to a few nights at the Ritz and some fun days seeing old friends at market! 
( and buying lots of things we really don't need!)

Until then, take care! Can't wait to talk again soon!


  1. Hi there my long lost friend!! Happy 2014! Tobi is super talented......and is there a color she doesn't look good in? Hope you are well and that your 2014 is off to a fabulous start!!

  2. That bike was genius! Tobi knows how to run a business...I would love to hear her speak as well!!

  3. I love Tobi's work too, Carolyn!! She is truly talented and know how to mix color and pattern.
    Thank you for sharing. Had to pin a few.

  4. She really is very talented and I love her use of color! I wish I could be that bold. Love the bike...I will tell your husband...

  5. I just love her style, chic and sophisticated. Can't wait to hear all about the Atlanta market and see what goodies you found!