Monday, January 13, 2014

1st Find At The Farm, Donny Osmond And January Market 2014

It all started with a fun, new antiques show!
 I was really excited when I heard about this show…anticipating that it might just be the closest thing to Brimfield or Roundtop that would ever happen anywhere close to where I live.

While it truly didn't measure up to THOSE standards…it was a great show…but had a really bad turnout! I feel like it will do well if they get the word out and YES, the vendors were definitely the cream of the crop!

They even had a really yummy Mexican food truck there! 
Jim braved the chilly weather to get our fish tacos and chicken quesadillas! And I would've certainly loved to hear Tobi Fairley at the lecture the night before! I told you about her speaking at this event in my last post that you can see HERE!

However, when we arrived on Wednesday at lunch time this is what we saw….this is what I meant by a poor turnout…a beautiful, drivable pasture that simply held about 6-8 cars when we arrived. It should've been busting at the seams with cars and vans and trucks loading up to take stuff home!

I will say that  the tents looked great and held fabulous antiques!

And the farm…well…take a look! It was incredibly beautiful and from what I heard is owned by a well known Atlanta designer. Not sure…but that's what I was told!

Whenever I'm around a farm…I can so see myself enjoying this life!
 Until I think about it logically! But it sure is pretty to look at!

Here is another view of one of the tents…luckily generators were going inside to keep it warm!

I did get a few really great antique light fixtures! I am really excited about them and feel like they will do well…I love the clean lines on the one below!

From there we quickly drove to our favorite hotel in Atlanta…the downtown Ritz! It just works for this trip! Just a short block away from Market it is the place to call home when you are working like this! It makes this trip a real vacation…ok…I'm stretching the truth here! The time spent at Market is definitely NOT a vacation by any means! My legs are literally still sore with every step I take! 
But staying here makes it feel better!

A little luxury goes a long way with me….and then I read Tina's post from her stay at the Ritz in Laguna Beach, California ….WOW!!! She definitely wins! Please check out her post on their vacation HERE!!

Just seeing the different floral arrangements in the lobby for example make my heart glad…it's the small details that make a working trip into something better!

After getting registered at Market we were so happy to be having dinner at The Atlanta Grill inside the Ritz's downtown location. 

It was so nice to not have to leave the hotel and drive somewhere and besides that…it is definitely one of my most favorite if not my very favorite restaurant in Atlanta!

And then first thing Thursday morning we headed straight over to High Design at Market! It's always my most fun event there. Usually, it's in the afternoon and is filled with wine, champagne, fabulous food as well as fabulous new dealers available at market. This time it was a brunch and didn't disappoint one bit! They even had Chocolate Cheese Cake Crepes! Wow! Talk about rich!

Not to mention the Crab Cakes Benedict!
 And the fabulous floral arrangements everywhere!

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures…it wasn't until the end of the day that I saw a sign that said it was "strictly prohibited!" Hmmmm….is this where you ask forgiveness instead of permission? 
Not sure about this one!

The first vignette in High Design was strictly filled with antiques…and I mean SERIOUS antiques! 
Top dollar antiques…museum quality antiques!

I was happy to see at the end of the day that this gorgeous desk had sold!

By 11:30 it was time to head to the next building and up to the 14th floor to meet none other than the real Donny Osmond and his wife Debby! Seems they have a new home furnishings line! If you look at the picture above it's quite evident that no one gave a rip about the furniture…it was simply middle aged women…ok…my age women in line for their final chance at meeting the one that sang straight into their hearts as junior high aged girls! I think we heard every story about how each woman cried when they found out Donny had gotten married! Good stuff!

They don't call it "Puppy Love" for nothing! 
It was really quite entertaining!
I hate that our picture is blurry but the lady taking it for us just couldn't contain herself!

After that we had to re-wind and get back on track! I took a few pics of really great looking pillows to send to Pattie back at the shop…we had made a pact that I wouldn't buy any pillows that weren't antiques! And I didn't! But I almost caved with these!

Pillows seem to come and go just like boyfriends in Jr. High…but not the antique ones! 
They stand the test of time always!
(maybe Donny needs to create a pillow line!)

And then I truly fell in love…forget Puppy Love…these were gorgeous panels painted in that beautiful style that truly makes my heart skip a beat!

Ok…I'm getting carried away..but they sure were fabulous!

What I did fall head over heals for was this incredible pair of Italian gilt lamps made from 18th century fragments. Talk about stunning! They are now sitting front and center at the shop!

Next were these fabulous Selenite fireplace logs! They are cut from one crystalized column in North Africa to create these beautiful logs! 
What a great thing to put in your fireplace in the off season and it will look so elegant! 

I loved seeing how Tory Burch used them in her showroom! 
They look fabulous here! I even got some for myself to use in our own living room!

Next we simply perused the halls of market and took in the sights of all of our favorite showrooms…it's always fun to get ideas even if we don't purchase anything right away. 
These are places that we frequent often but I just love the way they present themselves at market...

Unusual and fun displays for sure!

And when the day was done it was time to head back to the Ritz for some "relaxing time" and "getting ready time" to go to dinner!

This place had been on my bucket list of Atlanta restaurants that I had to go to! It certainly didn't disappoint! It was fabulous!

I would go again in a heartbeat! Between the fried oyster appetizer, the lobster roll and the trout that Jim got for his entree it was a spectacular meal!

And on top of that it was such a fun night!

Loved, loved, loved the atmosphere!

And our sweet friends from the "Go Home" showroom sent us a complimentary dessert! So kind of them! Somehow we ALWAYS end up at the same restaurants as they do!
 It's gotten to be sort of comical!

Their Oyster Bar looked amazing if you simply wanted to sit there and eat oysters!

But guess what? After all of that fun we had to head back to Birmingham! And that was definitely ok by me! I was so ready! I love going…love seeing all of the merchandise and love seeing old and dear friends that we've made along the way! In fact, I need to apologize to the sweet women that came up to me and said they loved my blog! I truly was flabbergasted and as Jim says…"I hid behind him!" I didn't know what to say! I thought they were going to say they liked my sweater or something…it's a bit disconcerting to know that people really do read this blog and that some are kind enough to tell you that they like it! Thank you, ladies! I did not take that lightly and I appreciate your thoughtfulness! I just wish I knew your names! 

And then….there comes a time when the buying and spending stops and you return to reality!
 So that is just what we did and when we unloaded at the shop on Saturday I just couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the things we were able to bring back with us!

The English boxes, the creamware and brown and white transfeware are staples for us in the shop and always such a joy to bring back because there is such a demand for them.

But it's an even better thrill to bring back things you weren't expecting! Like this gorgeous side table that is truly one of the most beautiful that we've ever had in the shop! It was a real struggle to not bring it into the house first just to see…just to play and see what it would look like! But it's what this business is all about! Finding that one piece that someone else will fall in love with just like I did! If that can happen then all of this is worth it!
So…between the new Antiques Show…seeing Donny Osmond…and eating at the Optimist and staying at the Ritz…I'd say this was a worthwhile trip! If nothing else…I needed a get away of sorts…and I'm so excited about the things we brought back with us as well as the things that are yet to come from Market! 
Those new and innovative pieces that will make the shop complete…"Mixing the Old with the New…Layering Antiques for that Fresh Look!" exactly what Tobi so graciously talked about in her lecture! 
Hope you love everything that we've gotten in and I can't wait for you to see the fabulous new lamps, frames, etc…It will definitely be worth it!
Until then…trying to stay upbeat in this dreary season…definitely ready for some warm weather and some sunshine! How are you fairing in this winter weather? I would love to know how you cope with it! I don't seem to do so well…any advice is welcome~


  1. Hi Carolyn, It looks like a great trip and I love the things you brought back - the shop looks fabulous. What a hoot to meet Donny Osmond as well. What was his furniture line like?
    Have a great week!

    1. Yes, his line was better than I expected! Can't wait to check it out in more detail next time around!

  2. Happy New Years Carolyn! A great trip indeed, staying at the Ritz is always a treat! I love the Italian gilt lamps in your shop and can see it was so fun to meet Donny Osmond.

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Wow what a funfilled "working vacation"!! Looks like such fun and you scored some amazing finds...thanks for the mention, and so happy you enjoyed my post but your Ritz looks mighty snazzy too! How fun to meet Donny..he hardly aged!

  4. Oh, the winter weather stinks and I hate it and have no advice! But what a great time it looks like you had - I'm jealous! And I can see why you fell in love with so many pieces,. Thank you for sharing!

  5. D.O.N.N.Y.???? oh ....:-)...sad about the your trip sounds amazing and hope you got good bargains with no competition..they were probably glad to sell anything. Love your antique lights!

  6. Carolyn, I enjoyed your post and who knew we probably bumped shoulders at market? I will come visit your shop next time I'm in Birmingham, my son lives there! I didn't make it to see Donny, but did check out their line.
    All the best to you in the new year!

  7. Carolyn
    Thank you for the tour. Such a shame thst someone didn't promote that show better. I am glad you had such a successful market, thst restaurant looks positvely amazing! Love tbe gorgeous creamware you brought back!