Friday, January 24, 2014

Courtyard Gardens

Boy was I surprised and delighted when I saw Judy Carn's Facebook status yesterday! I could hardly wait for my copy of Traditional Home Magazine to arrive in the mail!

Judy and Jim Carns have been friends of my families as well as my husband's family for as long as I can remember. I remember when they moved from their family home of many years to this beautiful "garden home" which is right down the road from me. I pass by there daily and I've always heard how incredible Judy's garden is!

And boy is it ever! I would truly be in heaven with a courtyard like this! It looks so serene and peaceful as well as being perfectly beautiful and manicured.

I love that it appears to have been this way for forever when in reality it hasn't!

I love the attention to color and detail...

Even down to this set of keys hanging from a gate! How fun!

What a fun place this would be to entertain guests as I am sure they do! 

Again, the attention to detail and purpose is amazing! And Cathy Still McGowin you did an amazing job writing this article and Jean Allsopp ….as always your photography is unreal!

I would love to have a small pond and/or fountain one day. I know they are so peaceful and tranquil... that sounds really nice right now! 

In fact, being that it's been such a cold January for everyone absolutely any part of this sunny, warm and inviting garden sounds wonderful right now!

Being surrounded by this lushness would most definitely help sweep away the winter blues! 
For me at least!

I know these pictures were taken last spring but what I wouldn't give if my back patio and yard even looked alive right now! Let alone so vibrant, healthy, beautiful, etc….

Isn't it perfectly gorgeous? Wouldn't you love to be lounging on this loggia at this very moment?

Next time I pass by Judy's neighborhood I think I might just have to "drop by" and see this for myself! It was great to see it in print though and I know she is super excited about it being published in such a great magazine! As she should be!

Judy has definitely created a wonderful place for her and Jim to enjoy their empty nest stage. Not only is this home in a superb location and not only is it perfectly beautiful….it is a sanctuary of sorts…a place they can retreat to if they want or a place to enjoy entertaining with such a beautiful backdrop! Maybe one day MY Jim and I can find something similar! Sounds pretty darn nice if you ask me!

Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend and that you can pick up this great edition of Traditional Home. We actually have a another friend who's kitchen remodel is in this issue as well! 
Take care!


  1. Oh my gosh, what an amazing garden! So beautiful, gracious and wonderfully appointed. I love the keys - copying that idea :) Congrats to your friends, Carolyn. Please stop by and take more photos for us to enjoy. I hope you all are well.

  2. What a stunning garden! So many beautiful features. I am feeling somewhat dissatisfied with mine after seeing this! Xx Sharon

  3. Just dreamy! I love how lush it is like its been there favorite kind of garden/landscape. Hope you are well!

  4. Carolyn thank you for sharing! This is just my style, an oasis indeed!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. What a beautiful garden! That reminded me, I don't think I received my latest issue yet... Have a great weekend!

  6. Yes, it is absolutely wonderful. I love lushness but in a manicured way and she has achieved this beautifully. So happy you posted it for us. (I'm trying NOT to buy so many magazines as I've noticed how little I actually look at them). xx's