Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Could It Be Spring Fever?

I'm not exactly sure if it's "Spring Fever" or the fact that I've been couped up in this house for 5 days….one of those days I had a REAL fever….I haven't had fever in years! Not fun!

But just like the rest of the world I am ready for Spring!
I'm drooping from it if you must know! Just like those tulips!

I'm ready to see those bulbs bursting for worth with their glorious surprises all over my driveway when I come home from the shop…some yellow, some purple, some white! 
You name it!

( I actually bought vases like these and may finally use them!)

Spring is simply refreshing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, re anything right?

Don't get me wrong! 
I do think winter has it's place but I for one would vote to make it the shortest season of all!
The only fun thing to me about winter is the fact that all of my children were born in the winter! 
That is a reason to celebrate it for sure! As well as Christmas!

But with me being homebound and another storm approaching tomorrow I've been looking at a lot of pictures on Pinterest in case you were wondering! I sure do love having a one stop place for my floral, cooking, fashion and anything you can think of needs!

I'm suppose to be working on our inventory list for my shop…instead I'm loving all of these containers and flowers that I'm seeing! 
Don't you just love unusual pieces that you can use with flowers?

This odd piece is fascinating!

My mother in law does this a lot with her beautiful sterling mint juleps!

As she always says, "It's elegant but understated!"
 I love these placed in a powder room for a quick spruce up before a party or simply for yourself!

This goblet does the same trick! Use what you have on hand!

I'm not completely sure what this piece is but it's a goblet of sorts or a candy dish perhaps but it works well with these beautiful flowers!

And this just says "Southern Hospitality" all the way! I love the use of silver pitchers!

The presentation here needs no words…it is stunning!

This Victorian silver pitcher is breathtaking as well!

So you see, you can really use anything that will hold water!
 If it can't just put a solo cup inside and make do! It really works!

This one might take a little oasis to make it sit right but it's still the same effect!

Even a Champagne bucket is fabulous when it's loaded down with such beautiful tulips and branches!

And if anyone can tell me where I can find these phenomenal "vases" I would be forever grateful! Talk about stunning!! Oh my gosh! This entire vignette would look so great in the window of my shop! 
I can see it now!

We should do this with our mercury votives…oh wait! We have! And it ruined them! NEVER put water directly in mercury unless it says so! It sure is pretty when you first do it though!

After spending the day gazing at beautiful pictures of flowers in great vases I've decided that I love a plethora of things!
 (AND….I've been wanting to use that word! ) 
It certainly doesn't have to be as fancy as silver when you want a pretty display...

It can be a wonderful rustic box that sets the tone for anything you want it to...

It can be simple but pretty clear glass jars to dress up a vanity...

It can even be an antique sugar mold (one of my personal favorites!) made into a stunning showpiece! I've even had them done at Christmas with candy canes, holly and red roses!

 Here is another old wooden box that simply holds lavender.

And an array of antique white ironstone filled with blossoms always gets a thumbs up!
 So pretty! So simple!

 I guess I'm in to simple these days! Don't get me wrong! I love me some silver….but when I stop and think about what makes me smile and my heart skip a beat when I see it…it's simple, white ironstone filled with my flower of choice! Oh, I know I should've been funny and said it was Jim! And it is! 

Truth be told…you can't go wrong with with any form of a container as long as you love it and it holds something beautiful to you! I hope you are all doing well with this winter weather! Imagine yourself getting ready for a Spring Party and maybe…just maybe we can all make it another month or two! 
We shall see!


  1. Absolutely beautiful post, Carolyn. So inspiring - I'll be pinning a lot of these. Sorry you have been sick - hope you are fully recovered soon!

  2. Carolyn, what a great post. Although it made me excited for spring, it also made a a little bummed because winter here Lasts. Forever. We have a loooong way to go!

  3. As I sit in my house on this bitter cold, snowy morning, you have me dreaming of spring to come...can hardly wait for the first buds from my rose bushes!!

  4. I cannot wait for spring!!! I can't believe it's still January though! The photos are beautiful and much better to look at than all the snow out my window! Hope you are feeling better.
    Take care, Shelley

  5. Carolyn you have truly brightened my day! I love all of these unique floral containers, almost anything special will work!

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