Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jan Ware…One Of Birmingham's Finest Designers

Birmingham truly is home to a host of wonderful and extremely talented designers. I've known Jan for quite a while and I can promise you that she is just as sweet and kind as she is talented!
And yes, her eyes really are that blue! 
They strike me as even more beautiful every time I see her!

This picture was found from an article that Birmingham Home and Garden did a while back…I thought it was wonderful…it's the entrance to Jan's "secret garden!"
 So come on in and take a look…I think you will like what you see!

I always love to see the inside of a designer's home and this one certainly held up to my expectations!
 It was featured in the winter issue of Decor Magazine in 2013.

It's breathtaking!

Her dining room is ever so elegant but understated. I love that! Especially as she tells the magazine that her family truly uses it! We truly use ours as well and I think that's important! You don't want rooms that no one can go in…it sort of defeats the purpose!

The foyer is stunning…I love the simple lines of the console and the art work certainly compliments it.

If this is a family room it certainly evokes that feeling! 
"Let's all go in and sit awhile, shall we?"

The bedroom couldn't be more soothing!
 In color and style it is a vision to behold!
The chandelier is fabulous!

The sitting room is warm and cozy and dressy all at the same time!

I'm guessing this is a powder bath but no matter…the sink is fabulous!

I love this modern chair and am so glad I spotted it used in two different vignettes!
 It looks great in both of them!

Just look at the living room as pictured in Decor Magazine. 
It's stunning!

 And somewhere along the way as I was searching I found these images of Jan's living room before the re-do. It's always fun to see them as they were before…and they are still fabulous!

Then, as I began to look at her wonderful website I decided I had to share some of her work that is posted there. You really will have to take a look for yourself…you won't be disappointed!

These aren't really in any order…just random shots I enjoyed as I was looking.

Love the lamps in this picture above!

These next few kitchens are to die for!

And so are the beautiful bathrooms and bedrooms!

I really love the use of architectural elements as well in her designs.

And what's not to love about any of these family room photos? 
Warmth, depth and stylized but livable perfection is what I see!

I hope you've enjoyed getting just a glimpse of Jan Ware! I promise you that you would love her no matter if she didn't have great design taste! But she does…and it is quite evident in everything she does! Her clients love her and I have a feeling you will too! Make sure and check out her website!
 You won't be disappointed! You can see it right HERE! And most definitely check out the fabulous work of Jean Allsopp…she did most if not all of the photography and I know you will love seeing her work! You can see it HERE!!!

I  really hope you are all fairing well this Winter! 
It's been a tough one on me…I don't mind telling you! I'm thankful for each one of you and your friendships! 
Have a great week!


  1. Hi Carolyn! I love Jan's design aesthetic! Her choices are perfection!
    We have another winter storm in the works here in Kansas City!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Here is a link that I hope will let you all see Jean's beautiful work! She is definitely one of the best around! I truly thought that by stating the magazine's source I was ok…please forgive! I will put the link in the actual blog so you can all look at it yourselves but here is the site…http://jeanallsopp.com

  3. Hi Carolyn - great photos! I love her classic look and that bedroom is gorgeous! Hope all is well with you. We are dealing with the crazy winter weather again here. Why do I live in the Northeast?

  4. She is very talented...I'm going to have to check out her web-site!

  5. Wow she is really talented indeed!! I love her home, such a great feeling and vibe. she is really talented....those Southerners sure do have great taste:)

  6. Hi Carolyn, These really are beautiful interiors. So many details I love - thanks for the introduction!

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