Thursday, December 12, 2013

It Had To Be Colin!

Only Colin Cowie could make a wedding in red one of the most beautiful events ever! When I first saw this picture above I was awestruck! That's the only word that comes to my mind!

No more feeling "bah hum bug"….this truly lifted my spirits and made me thankful for cold weather! 

What could possibly be more beautiful than these gorgeous red tulips in ICE!
 Yes, these are ice planters if you will!

I tend to get a bit "sad" if you will when it only rains and is quite cold…I truly don't like it! 

 However, this beautiful wedding held in Beaver Creek, Colorado could totally make me a believer! Although I spent several years as a child growing up in Denver…once we moved to California and eventually to Birmingham I have never enjoyed cold….I am definitely a beach kind of gal!

Seeing these gorgeous images of this fabulous wedding could totally change my mind...

It makes me want to sing "Lady in Red!" for sure!
It makes me appreciate Colin's great taste and his flare even more!

Jim and I had the chance to here a lecture he gave at the Nashville Antiques and Gardens Show several years back and it was truly mesmerizing! I still treasure my signed copy of his book! 

Another gorgeous Ice Sculpted Vase!

Can you believe this gorgeous red grape studded pomander ball that graced the appetizer table? Wow!

Like I said earlier…only Colin Cowie can make a winter wedding seem as warm as a fireside chat!
 He is incredible and I truly admire his talent!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas! I am anticipating about 28-30 guests this Saturday night….I am about to start a cooking frenzy! Can't wait to share pictures and recipes with you next week! Until then, sweet dreams and Merry Christmas!


  1. Gorgeous Carolyn! I love the ice urns and vases and the red florals are stunning!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Yes, he truly is amazing! I love all the red flowers against the white. I am a summer person too but I love winter for a short time to admire the snow and beauty...then I am done with the cold! We have 4 inches of snow on the ground right now and are expected 3-6 more tomorrow...I am thinking I will probably enjoy it until Christmas...
    Cheers - Shelley

  3. Very pretty...but it looks so cold...I hope the bride has a fur coat to put on!

  4. I have NEVER seen anything like it...incredibly amazing and so beautiful! stunning!

  5. The first commitment {beside to each other} is the bride loving red enough to wear it down the aisle. Colin's designs are jaw dropping, he should give lessons in preserving live product in unique ways and in volume.
    I too am more of a beach girl, but this is the ultimate setting.

  6. Hi Carolyn!

    Wow, this is truly stunning.. the red is so dramatic with the snowy backdrop. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are enjoying the festivities of the season and time with family and friends. Happy Holidays. xxleslie

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