Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yes, I'm Dreaming…Of Alot Of Things!

"I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas"!
I am dreaming of a welcoming gate with a beautiful wreath on it just beckoning all of my friends and family into my home!

How about you? If I could...

I would have everything white…and dreamy…

Even my windows would be adorned to say, 
"Welcome…come in and sit down!"

I would want the ambiance to convey that for sure!

This is one of the warmest and most welcoming entrances ever!

And I love nothing better than white ironstone and greenery mixed in together….

But would it mean starting over? If I wanted to change over to an all white Christmas? 
Isn't that what "white" represents?
A fresh, new beginning? 
 Maybe I should just try to incorporate a lot of this into my home that is definitely already filled with color and collected memories.

I am definitely loving all of the natural elements in all of these lovely Christmas photos! 
Much of these were found on Pinterest and I'm thankful to so many of my blogging friends for posting these wonderful images for all of us to enjoy and take notes from!

I would love for my home to be filled with paperwhites! I love them…but a lot of my friends are bothered by their smell…I can understand that! 
But I sure do love the look!

And I also love beautiful amaryllis! 
When they do well…they are incredible and such a show stopper!

I may have to decorate a "serving" table just like one of these two gorgeous tables that I found from The Enchanted Home above and The French Tangerine below.

Our party is in less than two weeks! Oh, My!
 I am truly getting excited! 

And I know EXACTLY what I'm doing with this image above…I am using it for a huge inspiration for the shop! 
I will show you the pictures for sure if it turns out well for the Open House on Thursday!
I can't wait for Melissa to bring her fabulous hand painted wine glasses as well as her incredible paintings on Wednesday to help us get ready for the Open House!

I love this dough bowl above filled with vintage and new ornaments! This is just one way in which we will be getting the shop ready for Thursday!

Whether it's a welcoming gate, a heart warming entrance or a roaring fire on the back porch…it all leads to you to dreaming of that "White Christmas" or just Christmas in general!

And while part of me might be thinking, "Don't let the door knob hit you in the rear end" when I'm tired and cranky from too much festivities….

The other part is thinking this is definitely the most special time of the year! Don't you agree?
Can't wait to talk soon! There will be so many things to discuss!


  1. I agree, it really can be exhausting with everything we have to do! But then I see my kids get excited about every little part of Christmas and it revives me a bit! I really do love this time of year! Those photos are so pretty! Now I want to go shopping! Have a great week!

  2. wow...such LOVELY inspiration!!!

  3. I love the idea of all white too... I did decorate with white, silver and clear glass a few years ago... and I thought it looked stunning... My children said... "where's all the red"!! So this year I think I'm back to a colourful Christmas again... :)
    Have a wonderful festive season and thank you for these beautiful ideas... I am very tempted... :) xv

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Your post is wonderful. I love all of the mesmerizing holiday images!
    I am so excited to see the decor for your Open House!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. Gorgeous post, Carolyn! So many stunning Christmas images!

  6. Hi, Carolyn - What a coincidence: I'm also dreaming of a white Christmas :) I get that same dream every year :) Thanks for sharing these festive holiday photos. They are indeed fresh. And very classic. Good luck with your open house. I know it will be beautiful, classy and gracious.
    Happy December!!

  7. I'm using all white too...beautiful post and images!

  8. What a stunning post...need to get busy with my Pinterest fingers!!! You picked so many of my favorite things, wreaths around the house, big thick garlands, paperwhites and white amaryllis (reds too). LOVE the idea of a super festive feeling home...it just feels so magical!

  9. So much gorgeous inspiration here!!! I love the "white" Christmas theme. Your party will be so pretty!

    Merry merry everything!
    xoxo Elizabeth