Saturday, November 23, 2013

What Does It Take To Make A Statement?

I am constantly asking myself this very question! When you own an antiques shop you tend to do that! Well, One King's Lane has certainly handled that!

When I got the email from One King's Lane asking for a post on a "statement chair" I can assure you I was more than flattered and a bit intimidated but very eager to jump on it!  I made sure the email was for real…and then I was so thankful that they even considered this blog worthy! I loved that their theme was "statement chairs". How fitting for me because that is one of my passions…having that one statement piece that truly makes a room yours and yours alone. 

I didn't even have to think about what I considered to be a "statement chair" in my home…I KNEW! 
I knew it when I bought it 10 or so more years ago. 
 I used to consider putting in the shop…but I knew I could never part with it! 
It works well no matter where you place it! 

(And yes, I moved it around ALOT for this blog post!)
I admit I am THAT person! I was so excited to be asked to do this!

A simple but classic painted Louis XVI chair that came straight from the Paris flea market. 
With original paint intact!
 (The Marche' Paul Bert to be exact!)
In fact, even though I knew so much about it already I still wanted to check it out with the Home Decor Resource Page that One King's Lane is launching! 
What an incredible resource this is for designers as well as the novice that is just now starting out.

I was able to go to not only the style of the chair but also the time period. As a design enthusiast that yes, did indeed take design courses and studied under one of the best…I can always stand to learn a whole lot more! This resource is truly remarkable! I found myself wanting to enroll again in courses to refresh my memory and to be able to answer my customers when they ask me tough questions about true, period pieces! Now I can simply refer them to this fabulous source that One King's Lane has provided!

It also made me REALLY appreciate the little details…the fine details, the intricate details in a well made period piece of furniture as I took photo after photo hoping that they would be ok to post on this blog!

And even though this particular chair lends itself to being a bit formal…I chose to place it in our sunroom…you want to know why? Because that is where we spend most of our time and I wanted to be able to enjoy it! I had this Brunswig and Fils fabric put on it years ago because it's always been one of my favorites…and every single day…every morning and every night I get to sit and read, blog or talk to my husband in this very room and this chair simply makes me happy!

Every single detail of this chair makes me smile…the paint, the carving, the trim…even the look of it against the brick and the greenery from the outside that enhances it's beauty makes me smile. 

It is indeed a "Statement Chair" and I am so glad that One King's Lane was wanting to do a segment of posts on statement chairs. They will always be around…we have several in our house as well as in my shop that I would love to write about but will save those for another time!  For now, I'm just thrilled to know about this fabulous design tool Home Decor Resource Page.

Do you have a "statement chair" or piece that truly stands out in your own home? Let us know about it! I hope you all have a wonderful week getting ready for Thanksgiving! It will be a time of reflection and gratitude in our family! 
I am certainly more thankful for you than I could ever express!


  1. That truly is a fabulous chair!

  2. That is one of my favorite fabrics of all time. I have it in that brown on a wing chair in my living room, and in the green on an ottoman in my family room! LOVE it!
    Beautiful post,

  3. Great chair and i love the fabric...I just sent away for a sample that looks just like that...

  4. Is that the Cowtan & Towt Ocelot fabric by chance....LOVE IT!! That chair is wonderful Carolyn!

  5. Gorgeous chair!! I know that they were pleased!

  6. Love the chair - and the fabric! You made me laugh when you said you were excited but had to make sure the email was for real. That is exactly how I tend to think! Great job on the post. I just did one for them yesterday too! Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  7. Such fabric and details on the legs are amazing. This is definitely a statement chair:) and how exciting to be part of the resource guide on One Kings Lane. How you had a nice weekend! xleslie