Monday, November 18, 2013

Ashley Gilbreath Breathes New Life Into Christmas!

Our Sunday traditions have pretty much taken root as we have gotten more used to being home alone. "Empty Nesters" they call us! Well, it seems to go in spurts but I like it like that! Anyway, after church and lunch we usually go walk the parkway or I go to Pure Barre and Jim goes to Lifetime to workout. Regardless, we always run by my shop so that I can sit in the dark and the quiet and just BE! It is so nice to see what has gone on over the weekend and get my thoughts together! And it's always so nice to find a surprise! The Cottage Journal was a great surprise on my desk today!

 As I've been reading it and re-reading it my heart kept going back to this lovely home owned by designer, Ashley Gilbreath in Montgomery, Alabama. Yes…maybe it is because it's just right down the road from us in Birmingham but I think it's because I LOVE her Christmas decorations! Elegant but understated! Just like I talked about in my last post!

 I knew I would love her for a lot reasons! One being that she resides in Alabama…two being that she studied in New York and started her career with Richard Keith Langham and THREE being she is a Louisiana native! Being that my daughter and her husband live in Louisiana I am always partial to that!

But truly it was her style that drew me in when I first perused the magazine…her seemingly effortless creations that breathed life into her Christmas decor. Sometimes I feel so burned out with doing everything over the top…maybe it's because I have a shop and we start decorating so early and have to truly "showcase" all of our "wares"! 

It is a breath of fresh air to see all of the wonderful and natural greenery that Ashely incorporates in her Christmas decorating. I was so glad they showcased her very own home in Montgomery!

Don't you just love this gorgeous magnolia and boxwood wreath? I truly would kill for that!
( ok…maybe not kill, but you knew what I meant!)

And these beautiful stockings! I'm always searching high and low for these! For myself as well as for the shop! I love these! I love the colors especially!

Her kitchen is stunning…it's calming…it's a place to retreat. I love the candlesticks, the boxwood ball and the mirror! I'm in love with the mirror!

I could wash dishes here all day!!
Ok…maybe not all day….
But it sure is pretty!

And I can certainly picture myself relaxing in this gorgeous family room just staring at the beautifully decorated tree after washing dishes! But what a gorgeous room this is! I would bet that a roaring fire in the fireplace would only add to the warmth we can already envision here!~

The Cottage Journal certainly gave us a great window into Ashley Gilbreath's home.
 As I was researching her I came across this Christmas picture from her website. 
It was too pretty not to share! I love the hide rug as well! And I love a live wreath over a mirror! It is probably my all time favorite way to decorate a formal or informal room!

Meet Ashley Gilbreath! Check out her gorgeous website as well as her portfolio as soon as you can!
You can see her website HERE!
Hope this gave you some wonderful ideas for your Christmas decorating this year! I'm still stuck on selling our beautiful turkeys at the shop so we can enjoy Thanksgiving! 
Nonetheless…it's the most wonderful time of the year for sure!
Let's talk soon!


  1. Hi Carolyn,
    Ashley has superb taste (I adore those stockings as well) The boxwood and magnolia wreath is perfect! It would be wonderful to start over with holiday decor with pieces she has used!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. These decorations are all so perfect, elegant and understated, she has beautiful taste and what a warm to enjoy during the holidays!

  3. Isn't she a doll? I love everything she designs. She is renovating a home in Old Cloverdale that she and her family will be moving into in less than three weeks, unfinished. She is just that talented!!
    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images.

  4. now this is really getting me in the mood...waiting till after Thanksgiving but gather ideas...good ones here!

  5. So beautiful! I have not been in the Christmas mood but this is egging me on!