Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Sophisticated Christmas….In Sophisticated Style!

I always have this thought... that when next year comes around I will decorate differently…that I will think outside of my limited brain and maybe, jut maybe…. I will forego my lifelong, collected Christmas decorations! It just never seems to happen. I get sentimental and I can't part with my beloved ornaments that have so many memories behind them! That's not all bad! In fact, I've come to love and embrace it! 
But when I saw this lovely home right here in my home town magazine I fell in love immediately! 
Maybe in my next life I can have a simpler, sophisticated Christmas!
I hope you enjoy this beautifully decorated home!

I've always had a soft spot for antlers. They add so much interest and even depth to a room. 
 And this simple greenery on the bannister…say no more!
 I love it!

Jenny Garrison is a well known designer in Birmingham and she has hit the nail on the head with this home! I love everything about it! The expected and the unexpected are all entertained in this lovely article! I am jealous of the home owner! What fun to live in this beautiful home!

When I saw this gorgeous home in  Birmingham Home and Garden, I was mesmerized! 
Everything about it is simple and lovely and that truly speaks to me right now.
It is elegant but understated!

These next pictures just show the beautiful decor they added to this already gorgeous home to get it ready for the holidays! It definitely beckons one inside to enjoy Christmas!

I think my favorite thing about this home is the warmth that it exudes. One key ingredient is the pecky cypress. We did our bookcases out of pecky cypress years ago and I've never tired of them! 
They just simply make me smile and make me enjoy my family room.

I'm totally in love with these next few unexpected items added to these gorgeous spaces!
 I'm loving this bench with "hooves" for legs! 
An unexpected element for sure…except that it fits in with the antlers!

Of course I love the Lucy Smith table as we carry her gorgeous creations and she is a lifelong friend! 
This table is especially beautiful!

And this simple "Santa in a dome" just makes my heart glad!

And although the client didn't want any patterns in this master bedroom…it reflects exquisite beauty! 
I'm loving the "almost" matching pair of mirrors!
 In fact, I think I love the fact that they AREN'T matching even more!

But after all of this beauty…after all of these fabulous design inspirations…the thing that made me the happiest when I think of a sophisticated Christmas was this incredibly decorated mailbox! You see... that's what we do in the South! Do y'all do this? My whole married life my sweet mother in law has decorated my mailbox! In fact, a lot of my friends "hire out" for this! It's a real event and a real treat to have your mailbox decorated for Christmas! Thank you, Mary Anne for always doing this for me! It's not an easy job just let me tell you! My mother in law has it down to a science! That's why I had to save this picture for the end of this post….it means the most to me because of the sacrifice that it is! But then again, isn't that the true meaning of Christmas anyway?
 One that gave of Himself so that the rest of us could enjoy Eternal Life!
Merry Almost Christmas!

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16


  1. Love that beautiful home and the mailbox! Each year we end up decorating pretty much the same way. It's all over when the kids see me pulling out those boxes! Everything must go out - even the ugly stuff...which reminds me, I need to hide some of those boxes this year!

  2. Carolyn, this is an absolutely lovely home. I too decorate my tree with many, many memories, in fact we call it the Family Memory tree. I do change things on my mantel and adjacent rooms but the tree will forever stay the same. I cry every year when I decorate it. First pairs of shoes, glasses, little broken ornaments they made. How can we not put them up, precious memories,

  3. It was a great issue, Carolyn!! I am with you on the ornaments. My Christopher' Radkos are not going anywhere, but I have thought about another room! I leo have this desire to get the big lights that we used when I was a child!
    Beautiful post.

  4. Love it! So pretty...that rustic elegance always appeals to beautiful. How are you? Miss you and am sure the holiday buzz is starting to keep you very busy. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home!

  5. Simple to watch it and difficult to create it! Picture Lighting

  6. So how she did the mantel...I agree with Tina...rustic elegance is one of my favorite looks

  7. I love the understated elegance of the Christmas Decor....well actually the entire house is wonderful!

  8. So festive and fabulous! I know this is about Christmas, but I really love that pecky cypress paneling. We don't see that much in the DC area. Nor the wonderfully decorated mailbox. I want to experience a Southern Christmas, Carolyn :) Can I crash this year?
    xo L