Friday, November 1, 2013

"Reehly, Caroline? Your'e Really Back! Welcome Home!"

If you know me well at all then you would most certainly know that my favorite saying is "Really, Kevin?" 
I often ask my husband why I started loving this saying and he quickly reminds me that it is a Chick Fil A commercial! 
I quickly acknowledge with a shake of my head and my mouth making the O shape….and mutter, "ohhhh."

So, when Caroline and I discussed her coming back to Mulberry Heights Antiques I couldn't resist the urge to say, "Really, Caroline?" Ok…her last name is Reehl so that makes it a bit more fun and funny to me! 
I am assuming everyone else thinks it is as clever as I do.
 ( you know what happens when we assume, though, right?) Ok…I'm digressing….

It was a "no brainer" decision for me when Caroline contacted us. You see, we used to carry her beautiful pottery and then she met this wonderful, handsome boy and moved away to be near to him…can you blame her? 

Now, they've recently married and if you get a chance you should check out her blog to see the most incredible pictures of wedding parties and the wedding itself! 
It was actually held in Highlands, N.C, which is where we just came home from. 
Not a prettier place for a wedding in all of the world in my opinion!

After hearing from Caroline we quickly jumped on the idea and with much gratitude we began to carry her incredible pieces of art again! They are spectacular! I do not feel like my pictures have done them justice but I can promise you that you will not see anything that compares to Caroline's work!

Her fabulous table top crosses, bud vases, and ring dishes are all very good sellers! 
They are wonderful gifts as well as highly collectible items!

One of her latest items is the "Liza Jane" vase with the fabulous gold flowers! 
Isn't it just spectacular? 
Especially right here at the holiday season! What a wonderful gift it would make! 
We love how it stands out on it's own!

Just as the tabletop cross stands out…

Either alone on a stack of antique books

or resting on it's own on a glass top table! 
It is stunning every which way!

Pattie and I were so pleased with the way all of her pottery blended so well with our antique mirrors and candlesticks…and also with Melissa Payne Baker's paintings…mixing all aspects of art is a great way to showcase them in your own home. 
You can see Melissa's website HERE!

I personally would take any and all of these pieces into my own home! I have several of Caroline's pieces that I've either collected or been given over the years…I treasure them!

If you are having trouble with that person in your life that has everything this Christmas…trust me on this one, you cannot go wrong with a fabulous piece of Caroline Reehl Ceramics! You can see her website HERE!

I loved how this picture of the Straight Up Gorgeous Vase and The Lady Vase turned out mixed in with our boxwood balls and marble river balls all in a dough bowl! Leave it to Pattie's great imagination to try this out! It makes Caroline's pieces pop for sure!

the Lady Vase….

the Straight Up Gorgeous Vase!

So, I hope you've enjoyed seeing just a glimpse of Caroline's incredible work of art with ceramics! Let us know if we can help you with any gift ideas or just starting a collection for yourself!
Have a wonderful weekend as we "Fall Back" yet once again!
I personally cannot wait for that extra hour of sleep!
Take Care!


  1. Hi there! So good to see a post from you...such lovely pieces, I am always in awe of the talents that artists have, and what a beautiful bride she made too. I hear you on the extra hour of sleep...I need it! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi Carolyn!!
    I'll bet things are busy at the shop since the holidays are just around the corner! I am in love with Caroline's cross. Must have! Perfect gift for my mother and of course I want one, too! Actually, I might have to give one to my sister-in-law. And, what a beautiful girl. Sounds like life is going her way!!! Thanks for introducing us to this fabulous talent. xoxo Elizabeth

  3. I really do adore her work, Carolyn!! Beautiful pieces!