Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If Your'e Going To Make A Statement…. Make It Count!

I mentioned in my last post that we would soon be carrying another artist at Mulberry!
Well here she is! Aren't her hand picked botanicals simply stunning?
We cannot wait for ours to arrive this week!

We searched high and low to pick out the exact ones we wanted…we wanted the botanicals the we chose to make a statement…and have that "wow" factor! 
Becky assured me that they will and I am inclined to trust her incredible eye for detail!

The first time I ever saw Becky's work I was hooked! "She had me from hello", you might say! 

Especially when you hear her beautiful southern accent! It just brings South Carolina immediately to my mind and I can see her in her beautiful surroundings picking each and every one of these pieces! 

Each fern, each flower, each leaf, each and every piece of grass is carefully chosen by Becky and then preserved and mounted and made into something so lovely that all of us can appreciate it. 
We have had many an antique botanical print in my shop but nothing as wonderful as these are! I'm so very excited to be officially carrying Becky Davis Botanicals!

For our first order we chose a grouping of ferns and then at Becky's suggestion added a fragrant water lily!
 I truly cannot wait for them to arrive! 

While I'm selfishly head over heals in love with the grasses that she does…I felt like the ferns were a no brainer for an antique shop! They mix so well with anything! 

I am hoping that our order will arrive either tomorrow or Thursday…as soon as it does you can bet I will be showing you some pictures once we have them hung! 
Yes, it really is the little things that make me happy!
Hope all of you have been a great week so far! We had such a great time in New Orleans with our daughter and her husband! What a joy it was to get to see her 2nd grade classroom and meet the kids, the teachers, the principal, etc, and of course they were all singing Holly's praises and could not have been more complimentary of the job she is doing! More importantly, Holly is loving every minute of it and truly adores each and every student! I wish she'd been my teacher!
(truth be told…she teaches me with her joyful spirit every day!)


  1. I love them! She is so very talented. I would love to have these in my dining room, the green would be so perfect in there!

  2. There gorgeous! She truly is an artist with how she uses balance and scale to create them..I would love to have them too...

  3. Carolyn, this post is awesome!!! I LOVE these pieces and images

  4. I have 6 of Becky's botanicals in my kitchen! Love them!
    Great post!!!

    1. Just checked botanicals not Becky, it was a woman's company years ago so I thought they were the same company, same herbs and style. But not Becky, but now I think I like her work even better!! Wish your store was by me! K

  5. Hi Carolyn! So nice to here from you!! These are gorgeous botanicals and I will visit her website. I have two.. Both are from the French countryside. I love them and want more but they are SO expensive! I'm sure the grouping will look beautiful .. and make a statement:)


  6. Carolyn-
    These botanicals are absolutely beautiful. Is there anything more beautiful that a grouping of these? Just gorgeous. You will not be able to keep these in the shop!

  7. Greetings, Carolyn!! I hope you are well and enjoying fall :) Well, it's 90 degrees in DC but cooler temps are expected next week. I have admired Becky's bontanicals for a long time. Think I first saw them in Southern Accents or another magazine. I really love the scale - not your typical herbaria or botanicals. Congrats on this new addition to your shop. Hope business is awesome! :)

  8. These are amazing. I am absolutely getting some for our house over the holidays. So gorgeous!!!