Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tortoise Shells!

I've always been a fan of tortoise shell anything…furniture, antique boxes…even earrings! But lately I've found myself wanting a little bit of the real thing! The actual tortoise shell!

I mean it's beautiful in appearance with it's subtle changes in color and it gives that burled wood effect.

 I can't even imagine the craftsmanship that went into creating these lovely antique boxes and trinket cases.

But what I really want is a real shell to mix in like they did with this antique quill box. 
 (another favorite of mine!)

Just look at how well it blends with almost anything!

Bunny Williams did a fabulous job when she placed this large shell on the center of this beautiful table and mixed it in with antique lamps, etc…I actually have a pair of lamps almost identical to this in my youngest son's room. 

I even like it mixed in with these framed butterflies and different types of coral and shells.

Look at the interest the white shells create when hung on white planked walls.

This grouping shown above is simply stunning!

And this collection of miniature boxes is amazing!

And as a lamp? Wow! I really like it on the acrylic base.

We brought back a lot of flatware from the Paris flea market when we went and I will always treasure those pieces!

You can really add a little bit of tortoise shell just about anywhere and it will look good!

But here is where it gets tricky! When you see it up close and personal…and you find out it's name is Reese….at what point do you ask the man if you can have the shell one day?

I mean really! It's one of the prettiest shells I've ever seen! It looks like the inside of a tree…it's perfect!

They were just out for a leisurely stroll and I found myself coveting that tortoise shell!

Only on the streets of New Orleans would one ever see this! They had walked for several blocks mind you!

This only increased my love for tortoise shells. However, it was the first time I've ever been to New Orleans and not had my most favorite dish there…Turtle Soup!
 I just couldn't make myself eat it after this!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful week!


  1. Beautiful post, Carolyn! I am a tortoise shell fan too, but a little afraid of the real thing.
    My favorite is the miniature boxes. Stunning.
    Have a happy week.

  2. He is sooo cute and definitely has a gorgeous shell! I love tortoise anything and the flatware has my heart going pitter patter...hope you are well. This post was a treat!!

  3. I love the boxes and the pretty!

  4. Carolyn, you are so funny - I don't think I could eat the turtle soup either! All the photos are so pretty. The white ones on the wall even give a coastal feel to the display.

  5. they are so lovely...that huge tortoise is crazy!

  6. so code was tuyrdle 1..funny!

  7. Hi Carolyn! I have always loved tortoise everything, only recently did I being a few shells into the house as decorative objects. What I love now are the white, sun-bleached shells. I only have one, but feel a few more are coming my way!

  8. I am the biggest fan of tortoise shells and the bigger the display the better to me. Can't get over the real one!!

  9. You made me laugh, poor ol' Reese oblivious to the fact that you were coveting his shell. The shell does look like tree rings! I never realized there were so many decorating options for tortoise shells!

  10. Hi Carolyn! Such a pretty display of tortoise shells:) I love when they are all grouped together making a statement. When my kids were little we had two desert tortoises. They were named Pete and Sassy and loved to eat my Hibiscus and any left over veges from the refrigerator. We had to return them to the owners ( In CA you have to have some kind of certificate to have these endangered creatures) when we moved to Seattle because they can't survive the cold temperatures.


  11. Carolyn

    I loved every morsel of this post! It made me pin crazy! I love tortoise anything. You found such inspiring examples! LOVE it!!!

  12. Love this post...We bought several shells at Round Top that we haven't waxed yet...Lot's of great ideas for them here. Have a great week. Mona