Friday, September 27, 2013

New Art And A Sennod Trunk Show All In One Week!

It's always a fun time when we get new art from our fabulous artists! I had told them about our upcoming Sennod Trunk Show and they graciously agreed to bring new pieces of their fabulous work to be showcased during the show. We are so blessed to have these talented ladies that show their work at Mulberry Heights Antiques and we are very thankful for them! 
We received three new pieces from Melissa Payne Baker on Tuesday….

And then on Wednesday Lauren Dunn graciously brought these paintings as well…it all just enhanced our Sennod jewelry show so much! It was truly incredible!

I wanted you to see these pieces before the weekend…I also was so wanting to show you some highlights from the Sennod jewelry show we just had for the past two days!
 I guess I'm getting it in just in the nick of time!

We had such a great time with Michele of Sennod Jewelry 

Her line of jewelry is truly in a class by itself and getting to know her over this past year or so has truly blessed me greatly! She is a wonderful person as well as a very talented artisan in the jewelry world! I am looking forward to many more shows with her and cannot wait to meet up with her in New Orleans this weekend while visiting my daughter.selfishly, it's to pick up a piece of beautiful jewelry for myself as I sold a piece to someone today right off of my neck! Oh well! That's what this business is all about! Customer Service at it's best!

And to top it all off... everyone was dying over Alison's gorgeous flowers! You really must check out AKT Designs! Alison's work never ceases to amaze me!
The pumpkin arrangements were a HUGE hit!

I'm hoping everyone enjoyed the food…but hey, that was the least of my worries! I was just thrilled they were enthralled with the fabulous jewelry that Michele brought and that they loved all of the new pieces of art we had hanging around the shop! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Talk to you after New Orleans! 
We have another fabulous artist to introduce to you at the end of next week…


  1. You do know how to throw a shindig! Love the flowers and of course the backdrop of your gorgeous shop enhances anything..what fun! I love all the new day I hope to get to visit it in person!

  2. Art always enhances any setting. How wonderful of those artists to bring their work to be showcased! The pumpkins filled with flowers are such a pretty fall touch!

  3. wow these would all look great in my home!