Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sit Back And Relax...

My number one goal in life is to sit back and relax! 
 I sure wish it was!

But when I first saw this issue of House Beautiful that's what I felt when I turned to this fabulous article on the home that William Christie bought in France and decided to "breathe new life into it!"
Oh, how I used to love doing just that! In fact, a wonderful designer/friend stopped by the shop today and we were discussing the problems with "downsizing!" 
She said, " I bet you are just like me and you have to put your soul into it!" 
She hit the nail on the head! 
And this is exactly what Mr. Christie has done with this most wonderful estate that was at one time "dilapidated"!

Of course I've never worked on a 16th Century estate in France…but I sure would like to!

And the older I get…the more I realize that not only is the house itself so very important…but the grounds are just as important! They need to be exquisite and they need to be a  place to sit and  quiet your soul! 
I love the sound of the fountains in our pool…they are not grand by any means but they are relaxing! 
They make me feel at home!

And though I am certain that I am way behind on posting this lovely and very well restored estate...

I must admit my take on it was to simply sit and enjoy it's beauty!
 I chose the pictures that I love the most..the ones that make me feel "quiet".

This man is a genius in many ways and House Beautiful did a remarkable job at giving credit where credit is due…to his painstaking efforts at restoring a home and making it a place where he can simply be...

The house as I said is remarkable….

Who wouldn't love this library?

Who couldn't envision themselves sitting alone, quietly on these steps just listening...

Who couldn't envision themselves relaxing and reading in this fabulous slip covered chair?

Or day dreaming in this lovely nook?

Or spending hours out by this pond?

Or simply, feeding the swans by the reflecting pool! 
Really? I can imagine it! Can you?

There is something to be said about the art of being quiet and happy in one's own skin…in one's own home and in one's own surroundings…it may take a bit of getting used to but when it happens…I am sure that it is glorious! ;)
Happy Wednesday! 
Wish you could all stop by our Trunk Show tomorrow! Maybe we should have a "virtual" show one day!
We shall see!
Love to you all!


  1. Carolyn I am thrilled to see the life and color Christie brought to this estate!
    All of the details are wonderful and yes comforting!

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  2. I have a stack of magazines two feet tall that I haven't gotten to yet. I figure when I get sick this winter that's what I'll do all day! Lovely post!