Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Few Random Thursday Thoughts….

Without having even read any of your wonderful posts this past week,  let me just say…please forgive my lack of "blogging participation" lately! I am so missing it…and so missing all of you!
 I love my blogging friends and really miss this outlet when it just can't seem to happen. But I've learned that it's just part of life…a season, if you will!

 So, I am thankful to just be here tonight….sitting alone while my sweet husband is in Atlanta for a few days in meetings…I'm realizing just how thankful I should've been all along that he takes such good care of….( me ) AND our dogs! Wow! Who knew they both had to "pee and poop" 5 times each morning before you could even eat your cereal? Who knew you had to walk them literally INTO the wet grass to MAKE them go before they will actually GO? Who Knew?
Well, I know now!

It's fun to sit here and look back at my pictures of fall decorations, tailgate get togethers and just good times in general! We had a wonderful shower for my daughter's roommate several years ago and these flowers were the centerpieces, etc. Love the colors!

Makes me want to start getting the yard ready for Fall again! It's just a little too warm here in Alabama to do that yet!

And this weekend we are getting together at our sweet neighbor's house for the Auburn/LSU game. We were there two years ago…of course this year my daughter and her husband will be attending the game as they LIVE there now! Who Knew…Who knew back then that when they were here with us at this party that they would one day LIVE in Louisianna? 
Who Knew? 
Well….that would be God! And since He knew…it's ok by me!!
 ( otherwise, I might have to fight it, LOL! )

(disclaimer…had to put this pic in here because it is SOOO Jim! This is what he loves to do! Make me mad!) Don't I look mad?

We sure had fun at this party just three doors down!
 Now, that's the way to tailgate in my opinion!

 And now, they are gone!
 Can't be here for this one because they will be AT the game! Good for them! 
I'm so glad they are loving New Orleans!
(i've come a long, long, way!)

You know how I really mark this time in my life???? 
By Layton's beautiful bangs! 
She cut them that year….BY HERSELF!! While her sweet daddy napped!
 It was a very memorable occasion!
(I will never forget Britney's phone call!)
We just had another very memorable occasion that we just celebrated this past weekend! 
September 13, 1963!  
Definitely a day to celebrate!

My parents never had a wedding cake so this is the one we got for them from the best bakery in Birmingham! Olexa's! You cannot beat her cakes! They loved it!

(And as I said earlier…in fact it was the title..RANDOM thoughts!)
 We just had the most memorable of all occasions in our family! Our parent's 50th Anniversary celebration! If I had several hours I could tell just WHY it is so special!
 Instead, I will show you some fabulous pics of my parents and hopefully, you can tell by their expressions that they loved every minute of it and that me, my sister and my brother are forever grateful and blessed from their incredible marriage of 50 years!

My sister found this great pillow for them! I love it! I think I might order one for myself! 
Would love to carry them at the shop as well!

Ok, REALLY? Have you ever seen a cuter couple? 
They were so young! And still are!

The before, then and NOW pics! Love them all! Especially love their Senior Pictures!

When they first arrived to our house for the dinner Jim had a "play list" of Elvis, the Temptations and yes…even Tom Jones! "What's Up Pussycat?" I had to meet Tom's plane with my mom when we lived in Denver! And yes, she and I were on the cover of a magazine with Elvis…just don't have that pic to prove it tonight! However, I had it restored for her so it's there if you don't believe me!

They are the best dancers I've ever known! I sure wish the next few generations had learned to dance like they did. It's so natural to them! I know people are swing dancing, etc…it's just not the same as when you see your parents literally dancing like it's second nature! Jim's parents are the same way!

We finally let them stop and come inside for a wonderful dinner if I do say so myself! So thankful for my sister's help as well as my brother! He drove in from Atlanta and we had the best time as a family! I sure wish his wife had been able to attend but hey…they have 5 kids…two sets of twins mind you! 15 and under! I will say no more! They are the best parents ever!

Mom and Dad were so happy with their "First Wedding Cake!" We were so happy to make them happy!

At this point, I just get teary…no more words are needed...

It is what it is! It's a great marriage thanks to the grace of God! And He has blessed my family tremendously with such a great heritage through our parents. This may be a random Thursday post…but it was therapy for me…I got to see once again why I am who I am…it's because God gave me to the most wonderful parents a girl could ever ask for! And He used them in my life in such a great way! I am forever grateful!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
 I love you both more than ALL THE RICE IN CHINA!!!

Oh, and by the way….I'm so looking forward to this weekend! This weekend of Miller coming home…homecoming pics with my precious niece, Kathryn and just good fun with our sweet, sweet friends that God has blessed us with!

And…I'm very thankful that I saw this picture! I was "almost" going to wear this to the party Saturday night! Hmmm…Can I say party feau paux! LOL! Must go shopping by then….we shall see! No one will ever know cause they don't read this! Shall I keep you posted?


  1. Wow you have a lot to be thankful for my dear. What a beautiful family you have and your! Your mom looks barely over 50 herself to be celebrating a 50th anniversary!!!! That is amazing...and I can see you have those genes. You and Jim are sooo cute and deserve the blessings of being surrounded by the love of family and friends, thanks for sharing all the fun!

  2. You have lots of celebrating going on with your beautiful family. Loved seeing all the pictures and your parents are amazing...good genes for you!!

  3. Carolyn, what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your happy, beautiful family with us! What great parents you have :)

  4. Such a wonderful post and a beautiful family! I wish people nowadays knew how to dance like past generations. You're right, it does seem to come so naturally. We just don't learn those things anymore...such a shame. Love the bangs. I remember when my son cut his own too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Carolyn....such a sweet post and you have a wonderful family....your Mom is so pretty...her waist in that black and white picture was so tiny....You are very blessed!

  6. Carolyn-
    Great post. Enjoyed every line and picture! Your parents are so cute! Been through the bangs thing, lol.
    Happy Monday.

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