Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There's Something About Mary….

We've all seen this month's House Beautiful by now but I couldn't help picking it up again yesterday and drooling over the entire article on the home that showcased Mary McDonald's extraordinary talent!

Each picture was as pretty or prettier than the one before. 

Almost as pretty as Mary herself!

Believe it or not I have only watched Million Dollar Decorator's once…and I must admit…she did intimidate me! 
However, her style is magnificent!

Each picture I have found of bathrooms that she has designed are sheer perfection!

And I love the unexpected one or two elements she tends to throw in to add that punch to any room! Love the lucite coffee table in the picture above!

Love the white garden stool in the photo above…I've been wanting one myself! May have to order one for the shop and try it out!

Every time I see a picture of Mary she is as stunning as her rooms are! We have loved carrying her latest book, Mary McDonald Interiors….The Allure of Style. It has done quite well as you can imagine!

Here we see lucite again! I'm always drawn in by lucite when I see it done correctly! 
We've had only one lucite chair in the shop and of course it flew out the door!

If you visit her website you will be welcomed by the gorgeous photo above! Isn't it wonderful?

So you see….there is indeed something about Mary! I will be perusing Pinterest today to see more photos of her lovely work and I will definitely have to watch Million Dollar Decorators again and give it another shot!
Hope you are all having a great week so far!


  1. She is an amazing talent...totally a style of her own...love the outdoor spaces you posted!

  2. HUGE fan of her work over here! I love all these rooms and especially the ones in the new HB magazine..stunning home isn't it! Thanks for showcasing her exquisite work:)

  3. She is my idol in every single way!

  4. Mary is a talented lady, that's for sure! I love the bathroom with the marble countertop and light blue vases! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving the wonderful comment on my post about the ceramic mason jars. I saw that you are very close to Birmingham. My husband's brother lives there and we go visit him every now and then. Next time I will be sure to visit your antique shop! I am now following you and I invite you to follow me as well so we can continue to share ideas! So happy to meet you!

  5. Love her. Love the floors in the first kitchen xo

  6. Carolyn! Hi! how are you? So glad you stopped in to say hi:)

    Mary is one talented designer and gorgeous too! I'm lusting over some of these photos.. love the kitchen and the slip covered chairs. Those bathrooms are to just amazing .. love her color palette. I agree, Lucite is appealing when done right:) I don't have her entertaining books but need to get one! Thanks for the fun post! Enjoy the rest of the week and hope you've had some relaxing time this summer. xxleslie

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Mary is a bit intimidating! Just followed you on Facebook (princesnowfarm). By the way, my sister lived in Alabama for many years before coming back home! (Gulf Shores)