Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Antique AltarSticks

One thing we are really concentrating on at the moment is growing our collection of antique Altar sticks. We love them as simple candleholders and we especially love them when made into a gorgeous pair of lamps like the pair below that we just got back from being wired! 

While searching Pinterest and the internet I was so happy to find that the prettiest pictures of Altar sticks came from one of my most favorite bloggers! If you haven't started reading Debra's blog Acquired Objects, you really must give it a try! She is always full of knowledge, wit and fun! I love seeing her home and getting to know her through her blog. She has a gorgeous array of antique pillows for sale as well!

We actually have a floor lamp in the shop right now that is very similar to this one. It is quite stunning and looks great in so many different rooms. The shade we have on ours is pleated and very dressy so it gives the lamp an even more formal appearance.

I would venture to say that not many of us could pull off this look with such a large, overscaled pair of altarsticks but they are quite stunning!

I love that these altarsticks above are formal and yet, not! 
They can work well in any setting and any type of decor!

These are definitely more on the formal side and truthfully, much more to my liking! As much as I like the reproductions that are out there…and yes, we do carry those as well….there is nothing like the real thing! These are stunning!

These painted beauties are gorgeous as well!

                                                                               Lisa Luby Ryan

We carry some items from the line created by Lisa Luby Ryan that you can see above and below…she does a great version of altarsticks that sometimes are even hard to tell apart from the antiques.

So, what is your take on altarsticks? Do you like them? 
They sure are timeless!

 Cote de Texas
I loved this picture above from Joni Webb's blog Cote de Texas the minute I saw it…. and the vignette below is breathtaking even if it is little blurry! ( sorry about that! )

Then, I opened my newest issue of Traditional Home and my favorite feature in the entire magazine was on Joseph Abboud's home! They showed these beauties displayed on the serving piece in the background! Aren't they stunning?

But when all is said and done…I must confess that the two pairs we have just recently added to the shop are the most beautiful ones we have ever had.
 I almost hope we don't sell them!

These are 17th century altarsticks that will take your breath away! We have never had any as beautiful as these….

Or, as beautiful as the other pair that were made into lamps!
 I am actually a wee bit upset that someone is already interested in them! 
When we get in something of this quality I am one to want it to stick around for awhile! 
Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful week!
 Can't wait to tell you all about our 30th Anniversary trip! 


  1. Dear Carolyn, I adore these very unique and historical altar sticks. I still remember going to High Mass when it was sang in Latin! I will have to take a look through your inventory!

    I am very excited to see you Anniversary photos!

    Feature: Artist Anne Harwell

  2. Carolyn-
    I am drooling over these altersticks!! I also LOVE the lamps!! These will be on my list!
    Happy Wednesday.

  3. These altersticks are all so gorgeous and elegant! Thanks for giving us such beautiful things to look at today!

  4. I am definitely a fan. I have a very interesting pair that are quite short; I bought them at Round Top a few years ago. The size makes them versatile.

  5. I just love the look and the image of them on the round dining table is beautiful!!