Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Love For Bamboo….

Bamboo has been a passion of mine since before I owned my shop for alot of reasons
#1- It simply makes me happy! 
        I've spent countless hours seeking out the perfect piece of bamboo furniture or accessory at every show or buying trip that we've been on...alot of them ending up in my own home because they hold such a special place in my heart...silly as it may seem!

#2- It's one of the first antique pieces of furniture that I "sought out" to buy even before I had my own shop.

When I first opened I was still decorating some with my very best friend Sharon Gilbert....she and her mother in law "Nonnie" always had the most wonderful pieces of bamboo and I knew I wanted it as well! So began my quest for the most unusual and the very best pieces of bamboo....which even led me to purchase a very expensive bamboo birdcage immediately following my daughter's wedding....I guess I was going through something! Who knows! Not to mention that my "grandmother name" is now Nonnie as well!! They gave me a good heritage to strive for in alot of ways!

#3- It has a history...

and a "PAST"
  Anything with a history and a past is a true love of mine! ( not that it's a metaphor or anything! ) but it's true! That's why I opened an anitques shop! I love history...and boy do I love a good past!

           I can't even believe that this is how bamboo starts out! Talk about something coming from nothing!

To think that this gorgeous bamboo chest shown in Architectural Digest started out as simply a bunch of reeds is amazing to me!
 No wonder our "past" makes us and re-fines us into something more beautiful than we ever imagined! 

Little did I know that my love of antique bamboo furniture  along with transferware would one day lead me into a career that I truly love and look forward to every day. The quest for the most unusual piece is always still there....however, I have accumulated alot of different pieces that I love...and I've learned to part with them as well. I've also finally admitted my love of bamboo and why it inspires me! It reminds me of my past and I never want to forget that!
one inspiration at a time....


  1. Oh my goodness how I love bamboo!

  2. Oh I just love bamboo too! Unfortunately, I don't think I have one piece of it in my house. I do have a bamboo plant next to my sink in the kitchen though. I think it's supposed to bring good luck!

  3. Hi Carolyn, I am fan of the style as well. It always looks chic.

  4. What a pretty post. I too love bamboo, and am always drawn to the real thing or when its used as a design motif. So elegant! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Thanks for this post Carolyn! These images are just what I was looking for to show a client...great post!!

  6. Its one of my favorites too...I have a couple of pieces in my home and I'm always drooling over it when I see new pieces...

  7. I adore bamboo too, Carolyn,and these images are fabulous!!
    I need that table for a bar cart!
    Happy Wednesday.

  8. Carolyn I loved hearing your last words.
    I have wanted bamboo bar cart for the longest time!
    The history does make these pieces very special!

    Designer Barry Dixon Feature

  9. I'm obsessed with antique bamboo and love these images. The chest in the first image is fabulous!!

  10. Bamboo means your house is made up of sturdy stuff:) It's true; it isn't apparent from how they seem to bend and bow down to winds. And they are being depleted. Entire civilizations have been built around them, like most have been around mortar and stones. But it can't be just mortar and stones. There are efforts to restore their forests to their former glory, and I think these should be supported. These efforts aren't merely about beliefs; they're about giving us a choice.

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